Children should be seen and not heard,
Children should be obedient to their masters,
This line of thinking makes so many
Nod in agreement like the sheeple
They’ve been trained to be
Because children who are taught–nay trained–
To be silent and obedient become–
As is the solid plan of the political industrial machine–
Adults who are silent and obedient
And when the government says that a plant is bad
And a manufactured pill is good
Or when the government says invasion of privacy
Is a necessary ingredient to freedom
These properly trained children turned adults will listen
But sometimes people see through the lies
And sometimes people figure out the disguise
And they don’t grow into sheeple–
Rather individual people–
And they want to break the cycle
The school to fool pipeline
So they have radical ideas like plants are life
And pills are unsafe
And freedom is a right
And children should play and learn and grow
And it’s okay to hug them but not to hit them
And domestic violence is the same whether it’s your spouse or your child or your elderly grandmother
I’m one of those sheeple turned people
I grew up under the thumb of my well-meaning mum
Who paddled my ass when I made a mistake
And my stepfather the neat freak who threw away my possessions if I didn’t watch where I left them
And I vowed to never disregard my own children
I grew up in rocky passageways, tripped over my share of stumbling blocks
But I married a carbon copy of the abusive man that raised him
I allowed myself to become more and more submissive
Because wives should be seen and not heard
And wives should be obedient to their masters
But I woke up in fits and starts
And eventually earned my master’s
And when we finally hit rock bottom
I had a chance to remember who I was
And what love was
And I realized that people should not be silent or obedient
And some people say they believe in love, light, and nurturing your inner child
But these same people hold mental dichotomies
That children should be seen and not heard
And children should be obedient to their masters
Because some people who believe in love, light, and nurturing your inner child can be such assholes
I hazard a guess that it’s because their own inner children
Still think they were bad for making mistakes
And that’s sad and wrong in so many ways
And I shouldn’t have to apologize when my baby cries
Because it’s 3am on a westbound Greyhound
And she’s suddenly awake and doesn’t know where she is
And I shouldn’t have to be berated, badgered, belittled, and told I’m bound for utter tragedy
Just because a frightened or determined not-yet-grown human
Has a meltdown, or runs around, or makes a mistake big or small
sometimes mistakes are really big and scary
And sometimes mommy isn’t close enough
So a well-meaning villager intervenes
And the child runs or screams
But they don’t need obedience classes
Or paddles to their asses
they do need love and light and a million hugs a night
And they do need mommy to understand where they’re coming from
And I shouldn’t have to stay housebound in hermitage
Getting my love and friendship over wifi
To save others’ ears and calm their fears
Children should be seen and heard
And we should listen to every word
Because the future of not only this great nation
But the entire human equation
Is raising children who don’t need to retroactively nurture their inner children into winning
Because they’ve felt nothing but love and light from the beginning