From time to time, people have asked if they could help out with various struggles I’ve had or just be generous.

I have always welcomed all kinds of help, from prayers to advice to gift cards to tangible items.

I am adding this page to my site, because I wanted an easy way–not linked to sites which take a percentage off the top of all donations–for those who want to send money for whatever reason.

Current reasons to consider donating:

  • I’m so very close to finishing some books this year.
  • Childcare so I can focus is expensive.
  • My domain fee and hosting fee are almost due!
  • I have a utility bill coming up due the 1st week of August.
  • I have some debts to pay off.
  • My summer pay rate at my day job is insufficient to meet all needs.
  • I’m pretty awesome!
  • You’ve got an overwhelming urge to be charitable.

Any donation amount:

  • I will mention you in my next book’s “Special Thanks” section!

Donations greater than $10:

  • I will write a poem in a style and on a topic of your choice!
  • That poem will have a page in my next anthology!
  • I will mention you in said anthology’s “Special Thanks” section!

Donations greater than $50:

  • I will still do all of the above.
  • I will publish a short work of yours in the anthology.
  • You keep full credit!
  • You can still publish the work elsewhere if/when you want to.
  • If you are not a writer, perhaps you have:
    • original artwork
    • original photography
    • original jokes
    • social commentary
    • sportsball opinions
    • a sermon
    • a recipe
    • a filthy limerick
    • a grocery list
    • a crudely drawn caricature of me riding a whale
    • a page ripped out of your diary at random
    • just, like, a picture of your odd socks for some reason
    • bad advice
    • there are very few contributions I’d turn down at this point…

Of course, I always welcome people simply buying my books!

Click here to reach my PayPal dot Me link.

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