I wrote this book when…

…I was an undergraduate as the final project for a course on English grammar. I felt the need to approach children with the simple rules for apostrophe usage after my frustration at noticing so many glaring apostrophe errors in the essays of my classmates.
As an educator and a parent with one school-age child and two more who are well on their way, I am just as concerned about formal grammar as ever. You probably can and will find glaring errors in this blog, in spite of my best efforts. You have undoubtedly found 37 errors in a 60sec scroll of your Facebook or Twitter feeds.
Grammar on the internet appears to be optional, though grammar Nazis abound. My grammar concerns are academic in nature. I wrote this book for children, in the hopes that these lessons could be learned in the formative years, long before wide-eyed children become snarky Freshmen with authority issues who find punctuation to be droll and optional.
Sure, the clip-art inspired illustrations leave much to be desired, but it makes a great colouring book.
Buy this book for your child. Buy this book for your friend whose status updates often include errant apostrophe usage. Buy this book as a gag gift for a grammarian you happen to know. Buy this book and donate it to your local library. Buy this book for your neighbor, your mom, your uncle, or your grocer. Actually, just buy this book. Even a paper fan costs more than the Kindle edition…

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