Unfashionably Late Update

I suck at keeping this site active, and, for that, I apologize.  I went back and read the other entries that I have posted this year before posting this update.

I promise that I would do more writing this year and I have not done that. I mentioned compiling old blog entries into a sort of memoir style autobiography and have not done that. I told you all about taking a trip out of state way back in March. It was to visit some friends, and I ended up helping them move back into the region where I reside. They are now my roommates which makes life…we’ll say interesting. I discussed my tattoos and my physical and emotional scars; obviously, I still have all of those, and possibly more reasons to get more tattoos at some point, as well as having gained some more scars.

In March, after my trip out of state, I spent an overnight one weekend with a man that I’ve known since I was 13 and have hung out with a handful of times in the last couple of years. Words like “Love” and “Marriage” have been thrown around, perhaps too casually, between the two of us in various conversations in that time. That overnight visit in March resulted in a blessing in December. I knew about it when I made my last blog entry this summer but was not yet ready to discuss it.

My 7th pregnancy, which resulted in my 4th child on the 1st of December 2016, had its ups and downs. The chronic hypertension I have had since I was 17 years old was much worse during the pregnancy, and I had to be placed on a blood pressure medication which apparently I still need to stay on postpartum. The carpal tunnel syndrome I was diagnosed with years ago when pregnant with my 1st born child has gotten progressively worse and made me miserable during the pregnancy.  I seem to have developed a worse version of arthritis in all of my joints. My gallbladder still hates me.

By the end of the pregnancy I was seeing either my OB, a perinatologist, an ultrasound tech, or the labor and delivery ward twice a week. This daughter was born via C-section at 38 weeks presumed gestation based solely on my last menstrual cycle rather than my known date of conception. The doctors were concerned because ultrasounds had initially shown a steady rate of growth but then began to show a slow or reduced rate of growth. Additionally she was a complete breech; basically, her little bottom was crammed into the pelvic region by my cervix, while her feet and head were both up at the top of my uterus, so that she was folded in half.

The day that she was born, my aunt accompanied me to the operating room and stayed with me throughout much of the day after the surgery. My mother stayed at my house with my other children and roommates while I recovered in hospital.

Here it is 28 days after the birth of this beautiful little miracle child; her father has yet to come see her. He hardly ever even inquires as to her health and well-being.  I should have known better. After all I am 31 years old, and this is not my first experience.

C-section recovery has been harder for me than any of my three vaginal deliveries which is apparently to be expected. Still, I am very blessed to have this latest miracle in my life. She has only just this week reached a weight of 6 pounds 1 ounce. We are trying to exclusively breastfeed but the pediatrician did recommend a bit of supplementing to get her up over her initial birth weight of 5 pounds 13 ounces.

She has a slightly forked tongue and slightly Elven ears. She was born with a full head of very dark hair with curls quite tightly when wet. Her skin has a bronzed tone to it. Her eyes to me appear a very dark grey color, almost black.  I do not know how much of her features will change as she gets older, but I do know that she will always be beautiful just like the rest of my children.

I am not really sure how to go about closing this post.  I don’t have any songs running through my head at the moment. I do hope that if I have any readers left they have enjoyed this pouring out of my reality.

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