Rewriting My Life

Earlier this year, I announced to my loyal readers here that I would be systematically moving content from this blog into a new book, an autobiography of sorts. I only just started on this monumental, daunting task today.

Here are the snags, as I see them so far:

I love quoting songs on my blog. I’ve done that since 2005; however, it turns out even one line from a song would need rights secured. I must, instead, say “I listened to while writing this…” which can get pretty repetitive.

I can’t seem to find a way to copy more than one entry at a time. This is going to slow up the process.

Meanwhile, many of the entries seem to need real editing, as I was a different blogger ten years ago. I’m not talking about editing out content, though I will remove names of certain characters in my life. I’m mostly talking about editing actual grammar mistakes and typos. I’m human, and admittedly I’ve made mistakes in the past in my writing.

So, know that I am working on this, but it could be next year or later before a book results. Meanwhile, I keep adding entries to the blog. I will find, while working on this project, a point where this part of my life’s story had a natural falling action to cause the ending of a book. I will cut the book off there, even if that’s not the end of the already published blog posts, and of course it’s not the end of my life or my story. It will be volume one, so to speak.

Meanwhile, I still have four published books which are in desperate need of purchasers and hecklers. I’m also working on some fiction works. I need to finish those up post-haste. I know it’s NaNoWriMo and I know I haven’t actually participated in that in any previous years and have zero start at it now, three days into this No. It would be a good time to start working on one of my back burner novel ideas, I suppose. But I can’t seem to commit my mind and time to a set schedule.

I will keep writing what I can, when I can. I will try to let that be enough. For now, I’m getting off this work computer, packing up my things, stopping by a grocery store, and heading home.

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