Planning and Plaining

Dear loyal readers, mortal enemies, people who ended up here when Googling something vaguely related, and that guy who knows who he is, I ask you, why is it so hard for me to plan? And why, once planned, do I (com)plain?

Lately, I’ve slipped into a depressive phase, but I can feel myself spiraling toward mania once again. Today, I planned my lesson in less than an hour for both classes I teach, and still had time to photocopy several pages of a handout and revise the course schedule for the rest of the semester. In the past weeks, I’ve not been able to get through the lesson planning without much teeth-pulling on the part of myself.

I’ve been finding it difficult to keep up with the demands of my daily life lately, though I’ve piled it all upon myself. I quit the retail job I had, to focus solely on teaching, whether that be college students or my own children. I’m also trying to focus on my spiritual well-being. While I won’t completely rat myself out, there are some things I haven’t been diligent about doing or listening to vis-à-vis my spiritual well-being. I’m changing that. It’s going to start with scripture reading on the daily.

There was a guy I knew in high school who wanted to date me now, as adults in our thirties, but for some inexplicable reason he stopped texting and blocked me on Facebook. Whatevs. Meanwhile, I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time talking to a different guy on the phone. He isn’t local, so that’s as far as the relationship has gotten, but we seem to click on intellectual levels and have similar interests, including the written word.

I am still working on several books, including turning my blog into one, minus maybe the most recent or relevant entries. I haven’t quite gotten the kinks ironed out. I also need to pull my other books off the market, revise them, and republish under my Ashley Ann, Author name rather than my married now which is no longer my legal name.

I don’t have much else to tell you lately, except maybe that homeschooling isn’t easy, my kids are awesome, I’ve been having an existential crisis regarding my decision to teach at the college level in-person (I’m thinking online teaching may be my forte…). Thank you all for pretending to listen.

Temptations–And it seems nobody’s interested in learning but the teacher.



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