There’s A Party On The Rooftop

It has certainly been a long time since I posted. My site was down for a while (server issues) but is up now, thankfully. Here are some things readers should know, in no particular order:

In December, I was baptised into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is part of a greater effort to improve my over all well being and the lives of my children. I’m trying to become more and more active in the church and my community. I am also trying to make steps to improve my physical and emotional health. Prayers are appreciated as I learn how to be the best me I can be.

In January, I moved back to TX. My children and I are now living in a 2br 1.5ba mobile home on property owned by family. We have a large extended family here, with plenty of cousins for the kids to get to know. It is now mid-March and I’ve actually got job interview today I’m looking forward to. It has nothing to do with my field, but it’s management and would provide for my children. My car still has issues, but it’s still going.

I’ve decided to systematically remove most of my entries and publish them into a book. I will take the oldest entries off first as I go through this process, but please bear with me. I’m not sure if today’s post will end up in the book or stay up on the site with new future content, but that decision isn’t necessary just yet. My reasons for removing and republishing the old posts in a different format are varied and some are personal, but I will share a few with you dear and loyal readers. I want to get the worst of my life behind me so I can continue to move forward. I want a larger audience to be able to know my journey and witness the beginning of a new one.

Corvid turned 2 in February. He’s articulating complete sentences now and has quite the personality. Neither he nor Freya show any signs of delay at this point. They’re both in a regular day care and Freya loves it (Corvid will take some convincing). Luna is adjusting well to her new school. She’s bringing home lots of As and Bs for the most part. Anything lower is when it was obvious she hadn’t been paying attention. She loves math–I hope she cultivates that into a future career that she also loves.

Moroni is no longer with us. I’ve no idea what happened to him. He turned 1 in February. He loved being a country dog here in Texas, and roamed with the other country dogs, even trying to man up against a great dane a few times with minor injuries. One night, he refused to be put inside or to ride with us when we were headed to a Church function a few weeks ago. When we got home that night, he was nowhere to be found. Witnesses had seen him roaming an hour after I’d left, but no one has seen him since. I walked the road and drove around, called for him dozens of times, put out food, and checked for signs of accident or injury, but there was simply no sign of him. Since he vanished without a trace, I could only assume he’d been abducted by someone who thought he needed a better home than the one I could provide. I posted about his disappearance on Facebook, but only got a few shares and no response about it. I hope wherever he ended up he’s happy and well cared for. I could not afford to vet him or get him groomed, but the kids and I loved him. Luna was torn up emotionally about it for a bit.

I don’t know what else to update y’all about, but keep watching the site. I don’t have net at my new place, but if I get this job and it fits into the budget, I’ll find a way to get it out there. My mobile net doesn’t work well out there. I’m using a public computer to write this entry. I’m supposed to be filling out job applications, but if I’m a writer and being a prolific writer will eventually help me either publish that New York Times best seller or land that sweet dream job at a national publication or at a top notch university then I might as well practice my craft at every available oppertunity, right?

PS: Since my last published post mentioned ladybugs, y’all should know that my new place is essentially infested with the little luck bugs. They’re litterally coming out of the walls in swarms. I looked it up online. They’re harmless and will find their way out into the warmth when springs finally wins the battle with winter or they’ll die from the dry air inside my house. I help them find their way out as often as possible.