What If I Don’t Feel Like Entering A Title Here???

This morning, I went outside to drive my eldest child to school, after which the plan was to take my younger two to be evaluated for a local special needs childcare facility. Once again, my car wouldn’t start.

I got my daughter a ride to and from school, thanks to a teacher going above and beyond the call of duty, but now I’m struggling to figure out how to get the other two to their appointment. I called a place who had previously repaired my car for similar issues. They are supposed to come try to start the car and try to take it to the shop for a free diagnostic, but I’m not sure what I’ll do if the repair is something other than what is under their warranty.

Now I have a cranky 1yo who wants a nap already and a hyper 4yo who’d rather be at school and no idea what to do next. I should clean, but they’d mess again. I should write, but that would distract me from watching them. I could cry, but it wouldn’t be productive. I do feel a migraine coming on and am a bit nauseous, but the latter is probably just that I’ve not eaten breakfast.

This post was really more of a short whine than anything of import. Sorry for being so pessimistic and hopeless, readers.


It’s afternoon now. This entry finally just posted to social media through Networked Blogs, which reminded me that I had whined about things prematurely. I did manage to get a ride to the school, but it turns out the evaluation wasn’t today. Today was a paperwork day. There’s a complicated multistep process to getting the children evaluated and enrolled, which could take up to a few weeks. But, at least I got the proverbial ball rolling.

I did hear back about my car, and it seems to have just been a dead battery, but they’re keeping it overnight with my permission to see if they can determine why the battery keeps randomly dying. There may be something electrical in the care that isn’t shutting off like it should sometimes, which may be draining the battery little by little, and if I don’t drive the car daily (like when I stay at the house all weekend) then it may have a chance to drain the battery completely, which is no bueno.

I got a good call today that my eldest’s glasses are ready. She’s been without for a while, so I can pick them up as soon as I’m able to get up there.

I’ll try to keep silver lining in mind, but it’s hard, being me and whatnot.

3 thoughts on “What If I Don’t Feel Like Entering A Title Here???

      1. LOL it’s okay. I’m pretty much the same… Although, the blonde I had as a child is closer to brown these days, having darkened with age. My three children sport quite light blonde hair, though. Thanks for visiting.

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