Partner Let Me Update You

I managed to get my car to work after leaving it on the charger overnight. I’m grateful to the people who helped push it into place so that I could plug it in. Weirdly, the AC is working again even though it hasn’t been for much longer than the recent electrical issue. The car is making a strange noise when I drive it, I’m not sure how to describe it, but it’s like a whirring or buzzing maybe? I don’t have the income for diagnostic guesswork, so as long as she’s getting me where I need to go, I’m good.

The phone that was given to me to use as a replacement is now working. I got the SIM card kit today at Walmart. It cost more than I had been prepared to spend, but if I had ordered it off the website for cheaper, I’d have had to wait for it to be shipped here and needed the phone sooner. It took a few hours communicating with Straight Talk through their website and also doing some Google searching and reading some forums…but the phone is now working with my old number for calls, texts, and web. I’m grateful to the people that provided me with the phone.

I had conferences with Luna’s teacher and Freya’s center director today, went grocery shopping with Corvid, and took care of the phone today. While shopping for groceries and SIM card, I got new socks and undies for my children, and got elastic bands and rubber bands for the girls’ hair and some cheap brushes for them so they wouldn’t keep having to use my old one. I am very grateful to the people that helped me be able to afford those things that I should be able to afford myself.

I still need to find a place to live as soon as possible. At this point, anywhere in my current state is feasible if affordable, since the subbing company works with multiple districts. They work in a few other states as well, but moving to yet another state would require restarting my public service assistance cases, would require the money to travel, and also we have now aquired more stuff than will fit in my car in one trip with all of us in it. I’ve asked friends who are in nearby communities (two or three hours at most) to help me in my search, but am also meeting with and calling local charities.

Tomorrow, I must remember to return library books, call the doctor and the counseling center to set up appointments, call the sub teaching place to see if they’re still willing to let me sub since I haven’t been able to answer their calls since whenever they approved me, make some other important phone calls, and breathe.

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