I’m An Amazonian Princess

…or something like that.

I haven’t posted in a while, so there are a few things I will need to touch upon before getting to the usual Ashley random that you’ve all come to know and love.

I broke up with my boyfriend a while back. It was supposed to be a break so I could get on my feet, but there was a point where I think I really hurt him with some of my choices and discussions, so I’m not sure how we stand at this point, and I wouldn’t blame him if he never trusted me again.

I’m still staying with a friend. I was supposed to have been gone long since, so tensions are probably running high for all of us. I feel horrible about that. I’m not having any luck in the public housing department, but I’m trying.

I did try Craigslist, but that turned out all kinds of horrible. No, I didn’t meet the Craigslist killer or anything like that, but I had tons of terrible phone inquiries. I almost did move in with one guy and, yes, it would’ve been in a relationship capacity, but then he kept changing his mind about whether he wanted children in his home.

I am now going to be working with a DHS caseworker to help me get on my feet. I have mixed feelings about this. Later this month, I have an appointment with a local charity network to try to help me get housing. I have applications for other avenues for housing. We got approved for SNAP benefits and Medicaid, so I will not have to worry about those things, and the Medicaid may help me get childcare for my younger two children since they both had qualified as Special Needs in the past.

I am talking with local colleges about the Spring semester, but it’s hard to remain hopeful. In the meanwhile, I am waiting on a background check to clear so that I can be a substitute teacher for local districts.

My Chase bank account is about to be charged off. The balance is negative seventy seven and some change. I closed my account with a local bank, as I needed every last penny for gasoline. That’s gone, though. My car is back on E. I’m not even sure I can get Freya to and from school this coming week, let alone run other errands. Luna rides the bus now, thankfully, but sometimes we don’t get ready in time. That’s another reason why it would be great if Corvid and Freya could get back into a special needs facility, as they usually have bus or van service.

With all of these worries, it totally makes sense that I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time adding random crap I don’t need or can’t afford to my Amazon Wishlist, right?

Princess Superstar–Ache for home but can’t go there surrounded and lonely I don’t care, but you see, I really do, I do…Don’t let the look fool you. I’m the worst. I’m the best. I’m a mess. I’m a stress. This is the first time you heard this song, but then you know the rest.

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