This post isn’t going to be well-written or longly worded. It’s more of a postlet (Post-It?) discussing my current thoughts.

I’ve been back in Arkansas since early July. The greatest job I’ve been able to land is a part-time minimum-wage gig at a local McDonald’s with sporadic scheduling. I interviewed at a hotel not long after I got here, but just found out a couple days ago they’ve decided not to hire anyone. I interviewed at a bookstore on Friday and will find out today hopefully how that went. Colleges and universities in the area have apparently no openings for this semester currently or soon in-progress and have all said to check back in October for Spring.

On the housing front, I’m still staying with the friend who initially thought I would be here one month. I wish I could un-invade her home. Anytime people share a dwelling, there are differences of habit and routine. On top of that is piled our combined kiddage of 5 plus two dogs. I’m sure so many things are stressing her out, and I’m sure my presence here is contributing largely. I feel bad about that.

My car keeps finding ways to mess up. My bank balance is negative. Childcare is expensive but free childcare is hard to find; Luna is in school and her siblings are on the list for Headstart.

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