Mind Drain

Today, while attempting to clean out the several thousand unread emails and unnecessarily saved read emails, I found two unsent drafts. The above photograph was in an unaddressed otherwise blank email with no subject line. The second email had “Mind Drain” in the subject line. The email wasn’t addressed to anyone, but the following is the rather bizarre text of the email, which was dated September 9, 2013.

and so sleepy that I thought of the frost on the window with flood waters messaging that the Canadian you did its a half life for comedy or something in the afterlife with the picture of the Michelangelo’s David I’m A imagine that he had the head because heater beautiful pictures to your cell live in this apartment where he just have to get stuff done you already and every day for you since crash bed right now where’s the stairs visions him and his paintings Dean Android ratings and even looking at me but they didn’t return anything and then when the demons on a very limited and but I would not let one of the demons Mary Lou and then Fred what’s growing hair like she was going to puberty but she’s still harassing me right now and I don’t know what else is going on with those bunch of people around in it was a girl there and she was traveling and she wanted and you wonder if he’s in the bathroom with somebody with letter and I think my grandfather and stats in there that is the Dead was probably the one that was in the bathroom and then I will go to scarlet letter




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