Let’s Date…I Mean Update

Dear loyal reader, I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath to hear from me again, and for that I apologize. I suppose I could dole out excuses, but I’d rather jump right into the part where I blather on about the goings on of my daily life while pretending anyone actually cares, so here goes nothing…

I’ve been working for a local Walmart long enough to earn two paychecks. Due to my employer’s social media policy and my need to continue earning paychecks, I’ll spare you the whining about it not being in my field and the various unfun experiences I’ve had thus far. I do have an upcoming interview with a local college, and I am praying that goes well.

Luna is getting surgery next Thursday to have her enlarged adenoids removed. It’s something she’s probably needed for quite some time. I’m nervous about it, but it’s an outpatient surgery and she should be fine.

Corvid will be having an endoscopy on March 31. He’ll have to be lightly sedated for the procedure. This is part of a series of tests and specialists to address a variety of concerns I’ll go into in more detail for anyone actually curious. Again, I’m at once concerned and grateful.

I interviewed with Headstart today regarding both Corvid and Freya. I’m hoping at least Freya gets in so she can work on her developmental delays.

I am still lonely and wishing I could have someone to love and be loved by in the romantic sense, but I’m not out there looking for a date or a mate, mainly because I’ve no business doing so when I’ve got so many things to work on what with my sickly kids and my dubious career choices.  Anyway, it seems anyone I like doesn’t like me or vis versa or we have important commonalities missing or I’m basically the worst thing for him and he’d figure it out eventually.

This isn’t really on topic, but I’m convinced my autocorrect is a pervert.

I don’t have any more updates, and I can’t think of anyone to talk about, any businesses, products, or books to review, or any existential crises to sort through at the moment (with the possible exception of whether to formally join the LDS church), so I suppose I should stop typing before I say something you’ll regret.

René Marie–You done come and paid your money to be entertained, seeking some kind if inspiration from my pleasure and my pain.

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