A Decision Was Made

This will be a short post, as I have only a few minutes before it is time to leave to retrieve children.

I am moving back to Arizona. I did not come upon this decision lightly nor with ease. I love my current job teaching freshmen the art and skill of writing and thinking analytically, but it doesn’t pay enough to sustain my little family. I have bouts of “feeling rich” followed by bouts of worrying whether all bills will be paid. I have months where I earn no income at all. Many of my colleagues and cohorts work second and even third jobs in unrelated fields just to make ends meet.

I’ll be living with family and working on getting a new job in the same field but with less worry, as I’ll have available childcare and less expenses weighing heavy on my mind and bank account.

I will continue to write, to live my passion.

A plan is in motion to make a new, better life for my children and for me.

2 thoughts on “A Decision Was Made

  1. Ashley,
    I think you are making a wise choice. When my children were babies, I lived so far away from my family and we struggled so often because I either didn’t have good child care or no back up child care. I made probably twice as much money as you make and only had two children, so I am sure your life has been so stressed. Being around your mom would give you child care help and particularly back up child care if the day cares are not able to take the children. I also think this will give you time to regroup and find a job in teaching or editing or in some field while you decide if you even want to pursue a PhD. Academy is so hard and once you make into the halls of hallowed learning, staying there requires total commitment and hours of work getting academic publications and attending academic conferences, and doing community work inside and outside the college. With three small children, you have your commitments owned by the children and all else will have to run second. That’s why this is a good time to work on you, your time issues, your financial issues, and get your children in a more stable environment around their grandmother. I applaud you for sacrificing your needs for theirs. I will look forward to seeing great things from you on your facebook postings and here. I hope you found someone to give your finals for you. At our university, it is almost an impossible solution to solve. But, if you were closer, I would have happily watched the baby. I doubt I could get to Alma, let alone Russellville.

    1. I only just now saw your comment. It was buried under over a thousand spam comments my spam-catching add-on didn’t catch. The move did not work out, but it had seemed like a good idea at the time. I am holding off on the PhD until Corvid is older.

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