Procrastination Station

I got behind in the classes I’m taking. Neither of the profs have said I should drop, but they both said that in the three classes I’m taking I have to buck up and get the work done from here on out. One is going to let me go back and do the things I’ve missed in his class, but the other just wants me to do what’s left to do through the end of the semester.

They don’t have to work with me. I’m not sure I would work with me…but I’m going to put in the effort. I’m so angry at myself. I was supposed to do better this time to fix my GPA.

Since I started a new degree, my old GPA won’t average in. This means my drop, B, and F from my three Spring classes started a new GPA calculation. Finaid put me on probation after accepting my appeal that I shouldn’t just be suspended. They wanted me to make As or Bs in this semester’s three classes. They required I take three.

I thought the classes would be relatively easy. The professors aren’t asking for an overbearing amount of work. But the classes are online. I didn’t factor in my overwhelming personal life and chronic procrastination.

I find myself doing everything but my homework and wondering why I’m so swamped. Maybe I’m burned out again. Maybe I need the break. But at this point I’m faced with two options: drop all three classes to focus on other things and risk being told to pay back my loans immediately, or keep pushing through and pray for a Bs knowing Cs are what I’ll get if I’m lucky.

I don’t know why I do this to myself. I tell my students they’re to be responsible adults who turn in work on time and don’t BS their way through, yet I do the opposite. How can I be a role model if I’m not practicing what I preach?

In other news, I took this blog down due to a hacker and my uncle reinstalled wordpress to accomplish the takedown. I’m now missing all of my addons and can’t figure out how to get them back on ’cause there’s some issue with the FTP. My uncle is a wonderful man but unfamiliar with wordpress. He is familiar with computers and the internet; I’m sure we’ll get it all straightened out.

I’m wearing my mommy hat twenty-four seven. I’m wearing my teaching hat Monday through Friday from eight to three. I’m wearing my student hat during all waking hours. I’m wearing my writer hat even as I dream…

Ozzy Ozbourne–I’m just a dreamer. I dream my life away, oh yeah. I’m just a dreamer  who dreams of better days 

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