Hallelujah Chores

Today is Saturday. I should be relaxing. I should be enjoying the sunshine. I should be baking cookies or something.

What am I doing today?

I’m avoiding housework, mostly.

Scenesetter accessories from 1969 based on hou...
Scenesetter accessories from 1969 based on housework and home life. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I vacuumed my daughters’ rooms with the vacuum that’s missing a filter and needs a new belt. I scrubbed parts of the carpet on my hands and knees and vowed to have wood floors in my next owned home.

I went to the sink to fill up the mop bucket and discovered the spray hose attachment on my sink shooting geysers of cold water about my kitchen, soaking the sink area.

I picked up dirty laundry in my bathroom, rearranged bathroom accessories, and mopped that floor. I scrubbed the shower walls.

I went into the laundry room for cleaning supplies and unceremoniously tossed another load into my failing washing machine.

My back hurts. It’s day four of a who-knows-how-long period so I’m crampy and bitchy. Nothing is done. It’s a frustrating day.

Floors are the bane of my existence, I think. Whether it’s vinyl flooring, hardwood flooring, kitchen tile, linoleum flooring, porcelain tile, ceramic tile flooring, solid hardwood flooring, home carpet, red oak flooring, hard surface flooring, pacific coast floors, high traffic areas, rough textured tiles, smooth tiled floors, or a rotary floor, it seems impossible to keep clean. Who owns those magical magazine glossy print floors where a simple dry mop swiped once can pick up the messiest of spills? I don’t.

Meanwhile back at the ranch…

Meanwhile, my daughters are playing and having fun, as they should, but they’re getting into things, as they shouldn’t. My son is playing happily, but he’s six months old so his playtime doesn’t destroy my property.

I have a list of things which need doing at home. I have a list of things which need doing to prepare me for my return to work. I have a list of things I want to do. I’m great at making lists.

I don’t understand people who love housework. I don’t understand people who are super organized. I actually am capable of being super organized. I was that person once upon a time, but then I had children. I guess I don’t understand parents who are super organized.

It’s okay, though. I’m still supermom, ’cause my kids love me.

I wish I had the money to hire cleaning services to perform my necessary cleaning tasks. Cleaning jobs are easier when you’re getting paid to do them. I guess, during the work week, there are a couple of days a week where I could get a good thorough cleaning due to all three kids being in daycare. It’s not that my house remains particularly grimy, it’s that maintaining a regular cleaning schedule is difficult with three children under seven.

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