Sanity, Sanctimony, and Sacrifice

This is not a religious post. This is mainly because I do not know shit about religion. I will gladly diagram a sentence for you and I will gladly tear down a work of literature for you But do not expect me to understand or deliver the proper Sunday sermon. This is however a post I recorded by talking into my iPhone so please bear with me. 
The object of my misplaced unwanted and completely unsolicited adoration is however quite an expert on the subject. As such he often feels the need to correct others’ misconceptions. So when I randomly quote the very few verses that I actually know he feels the need to comment on them. I suppose I may be assuming to too much about his feelings; I am not privy to those. 
Anyway yesterday I quoted a verse and he shared with me a link to a sermon from a Cathedral that seemed to apparently be somewhere in England or no…anyway I don’t know the place…Glasgow? Dammit Jim I’m an English professor not a geographer. Actually really enjoyed listening to the sermon But it probably didn’t understand completely since I was trying to simultaneously grade papers and respond to people’s random Facebook messages.

I went to an interfaith group meeting tonight and let him lecture me for quite a while on the merits of this or that biblical translation.

The other day he was attempting to explain to me the meaning of the word sanctimony as it pertained to some random conversation we had. I’m not even going to attempt to reexplain his definition because I will probably butcher it. Here is what has to say about the term:

Origin: 1530–40;  < Latin sānctimōnia holiness. See Sanctus-mony

Moving on… I suppose I feel the need to rudely multitask by looking on the computer and my phone and whatever else I can find to distract me, Because if I’m obviously distracted by something else and it’s easier to explain why I cannot follow that conversation that someone is trying to have with me. 
If I can blame a distraction on electronic devices or my children or passing cloud then I don’t have to explain that I was having a daydream or a fantasy or some random words they said reminded me of something I heard three years ago. I don’t have to explain my Herman’s Head moments.
Part of me wants to just give up on my current courses of action. Part of me wants to drop out of the second masters degree program that I started. Part of me wants to try and find employment somewhere else. I Have come to terms with the fact that I won’t have romantic love or physical love anytime in the next 18 to 20 years. I just think it would be easier To fold back in on myself and focus on my work if it didn’t know anybody around me.
From something as simple as a Taco Bell menu order item to something as complicated as what I want to do with the rest of my life I cannot easily make a decision. Think I meant to cover more topics in this entry or find a way to make them make sense but I’m falling asleep. Good night Internet people. 

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