My Latest Joy

I’ve been so busy reinstating the old posts on this blog, doing my actual work for my day job, and taking care of my children, that I forgot to tell the blogosphere about my latest joy. In February, I birthed my son, Corvid Kale!

A happy sleeping baby after a feeding.
Below is his birthing story, typed hastily by me on February 12, the day after his birth. A summarized version can also be found online in the local paper.

On Sunday around 11ish in the morning, I went to the hospital labor pains. Contractions were 3-4 min apart. I was still at 4cm and 75%, which is what I’d been at my OB’s office on Tuesday. They observed me until around 3.30p which included having me walk the halls for about twenty minutes. The on-call OB and nurses said that since I had not appeared to make any progress, I should go home. I was told that if the pain increased (it was fairly severe to begin with) I should return to the hospital.
Around 8.30p I returned to the hospital. My contractions were still regular and cripplingly painful. I was again observed for a while, again told to walk. This time, it was just nurses checking me. They phoned the on-call OB, but no OBs came in to check me. The nurse said something about “maybe five, no, wait, four” when checking me. I was told I had made no progress. I was told that labor is not contractions, that labor was dilation. I was told what I was experiencing were “good old fashioned Braxton Hicks contractions” . I had decided at this point that if fake labor was this painful when not induced I would go ahead and take IV pain meds even though I’d had the girls without any pain meds. The nurses said the on-call OB told them to give me an Ambien, which I took in front of them before they sent me home.
I arrived home around midnight, but could not fall asleep right away. I tried a shower, then tried to sleep some more. The Ambien had me drifting in and out but the pain would not subside and seemed to be coming in waves. I doubted my own judgment at this point, though. I had been told that I could visit my OB’s clinic in the morning when it opened (around 8a). At some point, and it must have been after three Monday morning, I drew a hot bath and sat in it with a glass of ice water and a Nicolas Sparks novel, thinking maybe I’d relax enough to sleep.
I woke the whole house with my screaming before the water cooled off. I gave up on sleep or relaxing. I drained the tub and stood up. My water broke. I hollered for my mother. When I told her what was going on, she went to go pack the girls up so we could drive to the hospital. After she left the room, I felt something, and evidently on instinct plopped myself back to the bottom and back of the tub. As soon as I did, Corvid rocketed out of me and across the tub. I screamed again for mom and sat there shaking and in pain. She rushed back in, but the sight of her daughter and grandson, still tethered by the umbilical cord but covered in blood made her evidently temporarily forget what to do. I told her to hand him to me and call 911 (I was not sure if I could move).
The ambulance and a fire truck arrived. It took about five grown men to get me out of the tub after they’d done vitals on us both. They got us bundled and rushed us to the same hospital, where everyone was gracious to admit us and give us care and concern. We spent Monday night in the hospital, and were discharged this morning (Tuesday). We are both quite healthy and no worse for the wear, but it was a scary ordeal and could have gone much worse. It is funny that I finally got the home birth I had wanted with the girls, even though it was unplanned and nowhere near what I’d had in mind.
At birth, he was 8lbs 2oz and 20in long. He passed all of the tests they routinely run. He is on Gerber Good Start Gentle Infant Formula and feeding regularly with no problems.
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