Investigative Bloggerism

Reclaiming Warlock: 16 year old gets put up for adoption for being gay…: There’s a hoax/satire that’s been going around my Facebook lately, and I fear it’s going to be another Felicity Marmaduke situat…

The above is an excerpt from the blog Reclaiming Warlock. A came across the blog when I was trying to do my own cursory investigative journalism looking for April Chadwick and her homophobic birth parents after seeing the story appear in my newsfeed. I had decided it was probably a hoax, or a stolen Onion article, when I came across this blog. The blogger has done an excellent job of explaining the hoax, the subject matter, and other issues surrounding the hoax. I recommend you go read his entry.

Meanwhile, it speaks to a phenomena I’ve been studying in grad school in regards to bloggers as investigative journalists. From the breaking of the Steubenville rape case to the Taelor Vega story to CNN using Google’s blog as a news source, there are plenty of incidences of bloggers getting the scoop on a story. In cases like the one above, though, bloggers are creating a satire that, unlike Onion articles, gets widely accepted as possibly true.

My Facebook newsfeed daily fills up with urban legends, lies, misquotes, etc. that are circulated by my friends and family as absolute truths. I usually go on a crusade to find evidence that the item is false. Yes. A real crusade. With torches and armies and disciples and pitchforks and shit (you know, from the horses and camels).

View the full blog at and like the blog on Facebook.

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