Privacy and Honesty

“[…G]iven the power and reach of the Internet[…], it struck me that pajamas and living rooms were no impediments to the pursuit and publication of truth.”–Paul Levinson, New New Media (Second Edition, Chapter 6, Page 111).

The above quotation struck me the other night, as I was reading a required chapter for one of the graduate courses I am taking. Taking it out of context and truncating it slightly was by no means meant to insult the author or his writing, but, like people who quote Biblical verses and spiritual platitudes, I felt that this portion of the text spoke not only to the point Levinson was trying to make about bloggers’ abilities as journalists, but also to a point I need to make about this blog and what has been going on in my life.

I started this blog in 2005. The goal was then, and has since remained, to provide me with an outlet for venting the frustrations in my life. It also turned into a book review blog. And a political blog. And a small business blog. And a religious studies blog. And a poetry blog. And…well…you can see where I am going with this.

In the past near-decade, I have used this one blog to circumnavigate the complexities of my everyday life. I

am not just one type of person, so I could not write just one type of blog entry. Even still, all of the previous entries had one common thematic element:


Yes, there it is folks. The one thing I strove to uphold throughout the lifetime of this blog. Until very recently. I do not mean to sound as though I am confessing to an outright lie. Such is not the case. Instead, I want you to know that I am lying by way of omission. There is a major catastrophe unfolding in my life, has been since mid-December. I am not at liberty to discuss any of it just yet, and that kills me. It’s why I have been avoiding this blog.

I do not know how to handle an absolute necessity for being an uncommunicative private citizen, and I do not know how to reconcile that with my inner burning desire to be as honest as I possibly can to my loyal readership. For a while, I thought I would keep this blog on lockdown. I thought I would keep everyone in the dark until I could shed light on things, but that seems unfair to both me and my readership.

I have decided on a way to continue blogging, not compromise my integrity, and not reveal things I am not yet meant to. I am going to return to one of my older post styles, the colorful allusions, allegories, and alliterative allurements.

I will be periodically releasing the old entries from draft mode (you may have already noticed that all of 2005 is live). The reason I am not instantly republishing all drafts is that I must comb through all them to remove the name of the spouse I gained in 2007. I will go into no further details about him or my reasons for needing this privacy as of yet. I am hoping that 2014 will be the year of divulgence and divergence.

Walk The Moon–Screen falling off the door, door hanging off the hinges, my feet are still sore, my back is on the fringes, we tore up the walls; we slept on couches. We lifted this house; we lifted this house.

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