My Last MA Course!

As you all know, I will be starting my final MA course in July. Upon successful completion of the one I’m currently enrolled in and the one in Summer II, and upon a successful passing score on the last MA qualifying exam in August, I will possibly be able to graduate in August with my MA. I am excited about this prospect, and have already begun the process of applying for employment at various colleges and universities; however, I cannot get to that goal of graduation without actually completing this one final course.

Below all of my ramblings in this post are links to the required textbooks for my seminar in British literature which focuses on British comic fiction. I tried to find the Kindle versions because I can simply pay for and download those directly to any of my devices that have the free Kindle app (which right now are my laptop and phone). This would certainly make my studying easier, since one laptop/phone is easier to keep track of than five books.

However, I am not picky. I am asking y’all to help if at all possible with the purchasing of these books now so that I can get a start on them. If I preorder from the college website, the books will a) likely be more expensive and b) not be shipped until my financial aid money is released the first week of classes. If I order through Amazon for Kindle versions, I’ll get the books instantly. If y’all order the books to be shipped to me through Amazon (or any other online bookstore), there would of course be added S&H charges, but the books may possibly arrive within a few business days.

You all know that I am a horrible procrastinator, a habit which I wish there were a 12 step program for but of course someone did intend to create such a program but kept putting it off…Anyway, if I had the books now, when the course hasn’t actually started, and I haven’t unfortunately found a job just yet, I’d have no good excuse to not just read all of them, making applicable notations about the contents thereof. Most of my professors send the syllabi out before courses actually start, so I could even decide about paper topics if that’s part of the coursework (some have other projects in mind; one semester I took a British satire lit course and had to write my own satirical essay–that was fun and difficult at the same time).

I wouldn’t want to get duplicates and feel like y’all wasted your money, so if you’re interested in helping me out with book money or buying the book for me, please send me an email or contact me on social networking sites and messenger apps if you don’t feel comfortable simply posting a comment below.

The books I need are Loitering With Intent by Spark, Cold Comfort Farm by Gibbons, Third Policeman by Obrien, Carry On Jeeves by Wodehouse, and Decline and Fall by Waugh. I do love paper copies of books for the ability to dog ear pages and write in margins, especially if the books are used and I can have a conversation with a previous owner of the book by adding my own margin comments below their margin comments. But, the Kindle versions would allow for highlighting and easy quoting and such. The audio books would mean I could listen to the books while doing other things, but I’d lose the images.

If no one responds to this post or privately contacts me about it by Monday, I’m going to do the campus preorder and hope the books arrive in enough time to not make me too late starting up assignments.

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