Alexander’s Day Was Somewhat Okay, So-So, Mediocre, And Kind Of Sucky Compared To Mine…

Alexander’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I remember reading that book as a child, numerous times. It was a cute story about a little boy whose day didn’t go his way. The message you were supposed to glean from it was that he was responsible for his own happiness and it was his actions and attitude that made his day suck. Blah. Blah. Blah.

I missed my homework deadline again today cause I was wrestling with children, chores, and job-hunting. Week four of a five week course and in the middle of a big group project (for an online class????)…I really cannot afford daily zeros. Now the girls are refusing to nap, I’ve accomplished zilch today, and for the five-hundredth time in a twenty-four hour period, one of my children has spread the contents of my purse and wallet all over Papahanaumoku’s creation.

One could point out that, having known my children or children in general as long as I have, I should have learned by now to store anything of importance in a locked safe, in the attic, of the house down the street, vacant and also locked, with the only key to the safe locked in a safe deposit box, at a bank, in Switzerland, and the only key to the house in another safe deposit box, at another bank, in the Cayman Islands, and the access to both safe deposit boxes restricted to someone willing to provide a blood sample, epithelial cells, a lock of hair, a full fingerprint card, and a retina scan to prove identity.

One could also point out that my online course is (mostly) self-paced and I could have completed all other required coursework within the first week of the course, taken all exams within the first twenty-four hours of posting after extensive studying, and spent the majority of my free time researching information that would have pertained to this group project whether or not I knew the exact scope and parameters thereof.

One could suggest that I should lay down with the girls and have a family nap so that we all get rested and relaxed and can start fresh since my day is basically a bust now anyway.

One could also get punched in the face if they brought any of that shit up while I’m in the mood I’m in…

Yes…I get it. I cannot control circumstances. I can control my reactions to them. I cannot control and micromanage every little detail of my day. I can control my attitude. I understand. I really do. But don’t you sometimes just feel like bitching and whining is the best thing you can do at a given time? I don’t want sympathy or advice or a punching bag…I just want to rant. Can’t I have just one friend or relative or blog reader with a gigantic set of ears and no urge to fix or correct me or the situation?

SoKo–I hate myself today. I don’t know what’s happening to me. I hate my face today. I think I look so shitty.

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