Beach Bikini Woman


By now, surely, you’ve all had a chance to watch my YouTube rant about the term BBW, or have at least read the blog entry wherein I typed the entire transcript thereof ( BBW, for those of you who do not know, is an acronym for big beautiful woman/women, referring to women who are large and sexy. Many guys I’ve met both on and offline are so into BBW that they will only seek out large women to date. To me, being fat is not what defines me or my beauty. I have come to realize that I am beautiful and will be at any size.


I’m sure you’ve all also either seen my February Facebook rant about people taunting women who are large and choose to wear bikinis or saw the blog entry with its screenshot of said Facebook rant ( If not, you may have seen a more recent Facebook post wherein I discussed just browsing through bikinis and being gawked atIn either case, my point was that people shouldn’t find pleasure in picking on women who are comfortable wearing revealing swimwear. In the posts, I mentioned considering a bikini for this years’ swimwear.

Yesterday, even though I probably could have made better use of the funds, I used some of my cash to pick out new suits for me and the girls. A friend had invited us to spend today at the beach, and I didn’t want to go into the water in jeans and a t-shirt or force my girls to do the same. They had already outgrown their suits from last summer, but at any rate those suits had been discarded in the move.

The friend who’d invited us to the beach took us to Wal-Mart for the suit-buying trip and brought another friend of hers along who would be joining us at the beach. We had fun browsing through and trying on suits. Luna picked out a cute one piece with colorful stripes. Freya picked out a solid pink one piece with an adorable tutu sewn on. I tried to find a black bottom and hot pink top (my two favorite colors) or a matching top and bottom in either color, but could only find the hot pink bottom and black top. Juniors’ XL is a 15/17 and in a Juniors’ t-shirt I can get into an L (11/13) if I don’t mind the form-fit and my knockers catching everyone’s eyes. For suits, it is a good idea to go larger.

I finally gave up on my quest for the pink/black combination I’d’ve preferred and, instead, moved on to other colors on the rack. Bright yellow, I reasoned, wouldn’t go well with my naturally alabaster skin and, anyway, there were no XL bottoms left. Red didn’t come in my size at all. Finally, I found a top and bottom in purple. For an overdress (not because of self confidence but because of a need to wear something in non-beach settings like the gas station on the way there), I chose a black strapless cotton gown that was ankle length.


I went to the beach.

I went to the beach in a purple bikini.

I went to the beach in a purple bikini and nothing happened.

I didn’t bring about the start of Ragnarok. I didn’t summon the four horsemen. Waves of beachgoers didn’t suddenly go blind.

I went to the beach in a purple bikini and I had fun.

I took off my overdress and flipflops after my towel was laid out. I was so busy making sure that my children were ready to go into the water, that I didn’t even notice the preppy teenagers (also bikini clad but with the types of bodies Cosmo claims we all ought to have) laughing and taking pics of us. How dare real women with real curves put on comfortable suits and go to the beach? I mean, really, what the hell was wrong with us, right?

We went out into the water and my girls had so much fun splashing and swimming. We met up with a couple that my friend knew and hung out with them for a while. The last part of our beach trip was us laying down on towels and talking about randomness. During this time, preppy teens got up and left. They probably had to be home before curfew. I hoped they’d had fun laughing at us and that our pics are at this moment circulating Facebook or some sight they uploaded them to. But I’m not ashamed. I uploaded my own pics to Facebook.

In the immortal words of LMFAO, “I’m sexy, and I know it.”

Bellamy Brothers--If I said you have a beautiful body, would you hold it against me? If I swore you were an angel would you treat me like the devil tonight? If I was dying of thirst would your flowing love come quench me? If I said you have a beautiful body would you hold it against me?
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