Services Rendered

Yeah, that’s it, baby, render those services! ATTENTION:One freelance writer for hire. Willing to telecommute. All of your writing, editing, transcription, dictation, and general office needs can be taken care of at affordable prices. Same day or same week service in most cases. Don’t need any help in the aforementioned categories but have some other… Continue reading Services Rendered

Men Working

But I digress… I will, dear readers, eventually get to the point of this post, the crux, the essential, the title topic…eventually. ┬áIf I may, though, be permitted a serious digression in the form of several paragraphs which may well be oversimplifying the last month or so of my life. You see, I was minding… Continue reading Men Working

What Luck!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, various species of kelp, I am excited to announce a new development in my life! Just this morning, while on my daily 19-mile jog along the shore of Lake Superior, I happened to run into a very distinguished looking gentleman of wealthy means. Once I’d apologized to him for… Continue reading What Luck!