Buy My Books

Buy My Books

Books Available For Purchase directly through the publisher:
The Super Adventures of Amazing Apostrophe
Essays I Wrote In College: The Under Grad Years

My author bio page:
Ashley Ann Eubanks’ Author Bio Page

Yes, this counts as both shameless shelf promotion AND circular posting (as I’m copying a page from my Blogger blog to share on all of my blogs…including my Blogger blog). Still, it had to be done.
Thousands of people follow me on Twitter and not one of them has purchased a single copy of my book. Let’s not forget, people, that the prices were reduced considerably. I’m not turning a huge profit in royalties here people. If you buy the Kindle versions of my books, I’m making a pittance…but that’s not what it’s about.

I wrote the books so people would read them. I want them out there. If I could afford it, I’d simply pay to have thousands of copies printed up and shipped directly to the houses and offices of all of my loyal Tweeps and Facebook creeps…erm…I mean Facebook friends.

I’d babble more about this tonight, but it’s time for me to tend to personal hygiene and force myself to slumber. Tomorrow I have brunch plans con mi familia followed by a riveting day at what may quite loosely be defined as “the office” if one ignores the lack of anything even remotely office-related in my job duties at my day job.

Still, I truly enjoy the smiling faces on customers who appreciate my smile and naturally sunny disposition (because you know this grizzly mama bear turns into captain of the cheer squad when she’s on the clock almost 88% of the time or some arbitrary statistic I just made up on the spot…).
So…the point is…buy my books!

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