My stepmother told me a list of apps that I should check out on my new iPhone. These photographs were taken using an app called Instagram. While it has similarities to various smartphone image effects apps, the benefit of this app is automation: it shares your images both in your Instagram account feed but also in other social networking/blogging sites, one of which is Posterous which effectively creates an infinite loop of automation because of how many different ways I have all of my accounts linked. #nerdgasm

I told Instagram that it could share to Posterous, but I neglected to remember my randomly imposed “one post per day” rule. The cons of Instagram are that I cannot (or it could be that I cannot figure out how to) type a long-winded blog post to go with the auto-shared image. So…all of my blogs got these two images as separate posts when I told it to share them. I came into this blog, the one I use the most and link-back to most often, to add this commentary and merge the two images into one post. Maybe I’ll stop telling Instagram to auto-share to Posterous. Maybe I’ll only take one pic a day and then update the post later in the day when I get a chance to and then use the Posterous browser toolbar to reshare the Blogger entry to all of my other blogs, but then it would end up sharing back to Blogger…Maybe I should just let my blog fill up with all the randomness…

I don’t know what my readership would prefer–all two of them.

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