Having fun with my iPhone

My girls.

Apparently part of the fun of an iPhone is having to make sure that you actually choose the correct email address to send something to I accidentally originally posted this blog entry through my iPhone email address which created a whole new posters blog with only Hasentree on it so now I’m forwarding it to the Posterous blog they already had using my Gmail account and then it’ll post all of my other blogs including my oldest and favorite blog via blogspot blog blogger Google anyway

Sent from my iPhone
Begin forwarded message:
From: Ashley Eubanks
Date: February 5, 2012 5:35:08 PM MST
To: Posterous
Subject: Having fun with my iPhone

Okay so I am recording this entire post using iPhones talk to text feature and I’m not even going to edit it first I wanted to say that this video that’s attached is Luna and free are having fun and playing and it’s really adorable and cute so what’s that. And I just really am having fun with this new phone. The problem is but I really didn’t plan on getting a new phone. I had my other phone and it was working somewhat okay but then it just put the plant and I can new phone

Send me a short story long I went to like five different stores or something ridiculous like that I was like going around trying to get it all straight now to make sure that I had a phone that was working in a can do things and sometimes and that that I’m one of those Ferrans that has my small child having their own cell phone line and I feel kind of silly and they’re fighting over the phone but it’s a sick little for the phone and it was just because I have to pay for the other line and I wanted but I have this this 

With my new phone that was way cheaper to get a new phone that way and anyway so that’s a good thing glad it’s it’s fun having fun with the phone

I had a little bit of experience with talk to text on my old phone but this new phone and it doesn’t just have talks to text it has that Siri program which is really fun you can say funny things are just as anything back or you can actually get her to do important things on your phone him and his fuck you little bit safer actually we get for some reason you were driving and you just absolutely couldn’t Bosley wait to more secondly get pull over somewhere you can tell her hey Siri call mom and it would happen right away and so that’s really awesome because you don’t have to sit there should’ve the phone trying to find a contact and dial in

So am I’m not going to be providing a translation transcript of this post if you can’t figure out what it is that the phone thought it was saying when I was composing this email then we don’t have it laugh about it I’ll try to explain teeth if I could remember right operas but this is fun fun phone and you know they don’t recommend remedies going buy a brand-new iPhone because they are hideously expensive if you don’t have some weed to get one but if you are ready are doing an upgrade or new phone line or whatever that they’re they’re awesome and I’m glad they have one because you know I

This wasn’t the plan purchase and it certainly note in a minute but a little bit but actually have to have communication I have two small children I have to know what they’re doing at all times another okay when they’re with babysitters one night and assignees you like me communicate probably just not just having a phone but having that it does the capability to do my am blogging and marketing my writing and doing my homework actually from my phone I can do that and so if there’s a whole bunch of different things that I’ve Greycrest into having a smart phone versus having to see if it would be fun for myself

Since this post probably reads like a very very very drunken village idiot I’ll I’m just going to stop babbling now and hopefully maybe just can actually figure out what I was I was trying to say and have a good laugh hands if they can’t they can assess the questions in a comment because you know I Havely Disqus readership right and what kind of popular according to my stats that I don’t actually really feel like a popular because none of your commenting is a Kylies and I will talk to later thanks for reading

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