Yeah, I Didn’t Think So

Since my white night ran off with an ogre and my knight in shining
armor lost his horse in a bet, this Cinderella-wanna-be is doing it
for herself (take that any way you must).

Tonight, I am awake at this ungodly hour because I just finished
another round of revisions on my book, _Comatose: Beginnings_, which I
hope to publish soon, but not before I remember to add a note or
prologue or some shite to thank my brother for helping develop this
plot like a decade ago in one of our random storytelling sessions.

I already have two nonfiction books on the market so you people should
already buy those while you’re waiting for this first book in a
fiction series to get published.

I’m tired and children wake up too early each morning so a nap is on
my menu. I’ll blog more…eventually.

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