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Buy My Books Books Available For Purchase directly through the publisher:The Super Adventures of Amazing ApostropheEssays I Wrote In College: The Under Grad Years My author bio page:Ashley Ann Eubanks’ Author Bio Page via Yes, this counts as both shameless shelf promotion AND circular posting (as I’m copying a page from my Blogger… Continue reading Buy My Books

My Hands

@Heartchasms Jewel–My hands are small, I know, but they’re not yours, they are my own. I wish I could say this hand and the matching one unpictured are deadly weapons. They’re not. I wish I could say through them always flows magnificent verse. It doesn’t. But on occasion I’ve been known to move past the… Continue reading My Hands


  My stepmother told me a list of apps that I should check out on my new iPhone. These photographs were taken using an app called Instagram. While it has similarities to various smartphone image effects apps, the benefit of this app is automation: it shares your images both in your Instagram account feed but… Continue reading Instagram