Early To Rise

My mother knocked on my door at five this morning and I was not upset.

Today is my second day on the job. I am not at liberty to discuss the job. I am grateful for one even if it is far afield of my field and right back where I started from prior to higher education and my misguided American dream.

Monday was my first day on the job. I woke up closer to 7a and managed to get the school to kids and the work to self while rubbing that stress of on my mother and insisting she take a forgotten item to my babies while I rushed off to work at excessive speeds…not a pretty sight.

This morning, thanks to her help and my forethought–outfits, bottles, and bags preset–we were able to have everyone dressed and fed and in the car before 6.30a. I actually dropped the girls off at 6.30 on the dot.

Because of the early start, I didn’t have to drive 25 through the school zone because that starts at 7a. I also was the only commuter on the sixty that drove the posted 65. After my exit, I had people passing me on the road that leads to my job because there too I was obeying the posted speed (side note, maybe they were speeding because the road smelled like fecal matter for several miles rather than because they were in a hurry).

I arrive at work shortly before 7 for my 8a shift. I got to finish listening to the song that was on. I had time to make sure all of my necessary items were in my purse or on my person. Even though I let out my customary stream of obscenities, I didn’t much mind when I stepped on another commuter’s carelessly discarded and largely wasted frozen coffee beverage.

I had time to replace my broken purse with a larger new one (on sale, of course) and time to micturate. I even jad time to sit up in the break room typing this blog entry on my Samsung Intercept’s slide out keyboard with my two fat thumbs and rapid thoughts causing typos I may or may not have remembered to edit out before posting.

I can’t wait for my workday to start, actually. All of my cynicism aside, it is great to be doing something outside of my home. If it’s possible to get cabin fever when your cabin is a two bedroom trailer home in the desert then I did. My only concern is locating extended-hours childcare so that I will not have to beg relatives and family friends for such should I be required to work past 6p (which is 100% likely).

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