Preschool Prescience


I originally planned on presetting this post to post at midnight on November 14 because I did not know whether I would be asleep or not by then (it was technically 8.40p on November 13 when I started to type this). The reason I wanted to preset it is that I really should have gone to bed sooner (but knew that I probably wouldn’t, knowing me). I start my new job at 8a on November 14. Knowing me, if, even if, I did go to sleep, I wouldn’t wake up in time. Knowing me, if I stay up all night, I’ll be as peppy as a lead cheerleader on game night.

I ended up not finishing the post until after midnight anyway, so I went ahead and edited this paragraph to reflect that fact because I believe in honest reporting, mister! 😛

I actually preset quite a few of my posts. Anything that comes out at exactly midnight is most likely a preset post. Please don’t think me lazy by choosing to make use of automation and preset posts–I simply am using the tools at my disposal to bring content to my readers on a regular basis without having to overburden my already full schedule. 🙂

Getting the job done

I was asked by my new beau if I was excited about starting this new job. The easiest answer is “no.” I am not looking forward to all of the things I disliked about being gainfully employed by an international retail establishment. I am not looking forward to being away from my babies even more than I already am. I am not looking forward to the stress that goes with working and going to school at the same time. But…I am excited for a change of routine. I am looking forward to meeting new people. I am going to enjoy the Bartlebyesque nature of my job. I will show up to work every day with a smile on my face, proper hygiene, proper uniform, and the ability to work hard all shift. I will get the job done.

My Precious Precocious Preschooler (and her Bouncing Baby Sister)

Luna is such an awesome child. She’s really developed an awesome personality (in spite of a rocky start…). I love watching her play, hearing her interact with others, seeing her be a big sister to Freya. It is amazing how she is a big kid–starting Kindergarten in the fall of 2012) but also still a baby in other ways. Sometimes I hear things she says and think how grown up she is already and other times I get to rock and comfort her after a fall or like earlier when she broke a dinner plate and thought I’d be angry (I was just worried that she’d cut her feet but she was fine).

What’s really interesting is how Luna and Freya are reacting to our life these days. Freya has made vast improvements in motor skills and mannerisms since our unplanned move to Arizona. I can’t help but feel like something in Arkansas was holding her back. Luna’s improvements in behavior and potty habits seem to also be linkable to our change of venue. She’s even stopped asking me to call “Daddy” which is sad but also a good thing given his proclivity for excuses as to why he cannot communicate with his biological children.

Years ago el diablo and I had discussed what might happen in the event of a divorce regarding future partners and our children. I had told him then that I would have been hurt if he’d gotten a girlfriend or wife and trained the children to call her “mom” or any derivative; in that same regard I wouldn’t have wanted to train the children to call any man of mine “dad” or any derivative. But, children have their own minds. I always knew that if he and I ever did split up, the kids might meet and develop a relationship with their future stepparents, at which point they might feel so inclined to call those people “mom” or “dad” without any encouragement from their biological parental units.
Freya and Luna both have developed a mild affection for the new^ love of my life (for I really do feel this way, in spite of the short time it’s been and the cautionary tales from others). Still, I am not going to force them to develop a relationship with either their biological father or this wonderful man I am courting now. I just think it’s wonderful that–in the absence of the man who should care about them–a man who doesn’t have to care about them does and they know it and feel great about it. Freya has ventured to call him “daa daa”, which I cannot necessarily force her to stop doing but I never told her to do to begin with. Luna has told him she loves him, invited him over to play catch, and plans us a big house with a green backyard for a dog and football games. I worried that their enthusiasm would scare him off; he only seems elated by it.

comedia y tragedia

I added Voldemort’s former partner in crime back to my Facebook; the guy has his own business (in the same genre as the other) and I actually clicked like on that Facebook page and shared the page and the website with my friends. I am not doing this for spite; the guy was a friend to both me and he-who-must-not-be-named. I genuinely want him to succeed for success’ sake.

I did have to caution him about adding posts to my wall about the drama between him and Robdirt, I still want to continue being his friend. He was the one who rode carnival rides with Luna when her own Daddy wouldn’t, and the one who got both girls expensive holiday gifts. But I am not in love with him or even attracted to him. I see the man as a young uncle or as an older brother.

The man I do love is worried that I am still in love with Drabert, but I reassured him that I am not–I even went so far as to change my Facebook relationship status. We were cam chatting when he saw the change–he had the cutest look of surprise on his face, mixed with a little joy and embarrassment. Still, he waited a while before accepting the change (which can totally be blamed on his multitasking). When he did accept the change, it was my turn to turn red and wear a huge grin.

Being that the change took place late in the evening, only a handful of my friends seemed to notice. His only concern was whether it would cause problems for me during my divorce, but as Arizona does not require anyone to be at fault during a divorce and as a large group of people can attest to the fact that Runtdick already had a girlfriend suspiciously close to the time I left, I don’t foresee a problem.

At any rate, I know plenty of divorcing couples who have changed their status updates on social networking sites and not had complications in divorce proceedings, and if anything were incriminating it would more likely be my blog and other published writings–oops–rather than my Facebook. Most importantly, I actually want to live my life and love my boyfriend without having to even think about ol’ what’s-his-name ever again. And I shall, because after today he won’t come up in blog conversation unless I’m discussing interaction with the children. I love my boyfriend, and am grateful to that last guy for three things: Luna, Freya, and setting me free.

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