Leavin’ On A Jet Plane

Very early this morning, I will board a plane back to Arkansas. My children will be with family here and well taken care of. I will return to Arizona on Sunday. I bought the plane ticket, the hotel stay, and the rental car well in advance. The reason for doing all of this? I have to take very important exams for my MA.

I might have saved money if I’d been able to drive to these exams from my home in Arkansas, but apparently loving the same person for the rest of his life wasn’t on corazon negra’s agenda and having the decency to wait until the divorce before packing random people into the house like sardines wasn’t on his agenda either so even if driving to Arkansas from Arizona and back again wasn’t insanely overpriced once additional hotel stays, gasoline, and all the girls’ needs were factored in, taking them wasn’t an option because there was no way I was going to leave them in the house with him and all those strangers for however long my trip was going to be (initially I wanted a week so I could actually attend my classes in person at least once…).

He also didn’t want to help pay to bring them out there, didn’t want to have me in the house, and seemed to think I’d just abandon them to him for the duration of the trip. Yeah…not falling for that. But you’re welcome to visit them any time you like, darlin’…Anyway, I shouldn’t be thinking about him or the drama today.

In fact, I will probably steer clear of the fort altogether, concentrating instead on my studies and the exams tomorrow. If I do not pass these exams, then my grades in this semester’s courses and next semester’s courses won’t matter–I won’t be able to get the degree. I am unsure, but think I may have one other chance to take them…I don’t want to have to use it. The exams will be tomorrow morning bright and early. Wish me luck!

John Denver–All my bags are packed I’m ready to go

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