Halloween 2011

Here’s a link to the Facebook album which contains pics of our Halloween outing:

I was a kitty, Luna and Cynny were pirates, Freya was a clown, and my mom was a private investigator or something. We walked around and Luna got to ring doorbells and say “Trick or Treat” but we always had her say “Thank you” and “good night” or something along those lines at every house. We may have been a merry band of candy bandits, but we were going to be nice about it.


Luna actually had two costumes this year. To her preschool Halloween morning, she wore a fairy costume over a pair of Halloween jammies her daddy mailed to her and even though it has been suggested that he probably had his bawd purchase or at least pick out some (all?) of the items in question, I must at least applaud the effort. At any rate, Luna wore this interesting combination to school and had fun all day, then got to go out trickortreating with the family. I was special to her.

We hadn’t gotten to do something like that before, so I’m glad she enjoyed it. Freya had a little meltdown at one point, but we were wrapping things up so it was okay.
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