get a job you filthy hippy welfare mooching scum

Here’s the vid that goes with this entry. It was too big to add to the email-to-posterous thing so I uploaded it directly to my YouTube and pasted the link; it’s *supposed* to auto-embed but if it didn’t, please don’t beat me…

I am 26 years old.
I finished my BA last year after seven years of back-breaking manual labor jobs and crushing student loan debts. I got a job in my field, but got laid off.
I decided to go back for my MA—more student loan debt. I’ll be done with that next year.
Meanwhile, I’m going through a divorce. After helping my husband start a business and buy our first home, he didn’t need me anymore. At least I no longer have the mortgage to worry about.
I moved to a new state with my children. I had to give up two jobs to move here, but I had no place else to go.
My mother lives nearby; she just got laid off. She cannot afford health insurance for her neurological disorder and heart condition. I fear I may lose her.
I can’t find work and am thankful for the state’s healthcare and other assistance. I may actually be able to be treated for my chronic health conditions, but it won’t take care of all the medical debt I have built up since my teens. At least my children’s chronic health conditions are being treated by a wonderful doctor.
Daily, I send off resumes and fill out applications. Some companies are nice enough to send a formal rejection letter.
I found a “job” in my field, but it’s voluntary with the promise that I may get hired on in the future, if I do well.
It wasn’t supposed to be like this. It isn’t supposed to be like this, and I hate the 1% attitude that you shouldn’t have kids unless you’re independently wealthy.
I am the 99%.

If you haven’t been following you should. Unless you happen to be independently wealthy and coincidentally born without a soul.

The above block quote is the text that appears on one of the attached pics for this entry. The text and the pic were what I was considering submitted to the aforementioned blog. But I didn’t.

I didn’t because it’s not my whole story, and parts of it are sugar coated. I didn’t because they prefer submissions to be brief and I cannot seem to shake my propensity for verbosity. I didn’t because they prefer hand-written submissions and my hands cramp up painfully or go numb if I write more than a signature on a check or money order for the electric bill.

I could sit and talk for hours upon hours about the plight of the masses, and what needs to be done but isn’t being done…I could also sit and talk for hours about the problems in my own life. I’ve ranted about it on my blog enough times. I wish I had a magic solution.

What I can’t stand is well-meaning loved ones who miss the point entirely. The other day, I got into a long argument with one such person via text message. It started because I missed a text from them and explained–six hours later–that the phone had been dead and that I only have a car charger because the wall charger was apparently not immune to the curiosity of a four year old. The response? Something along the lines of “get a job you filthy hippy welfare mooching scum.” But they love me, you see, and are concerned about me, you understand.

So, I tried to explain about job searching and graduate school and children and all of the things that weigh my plate down worse than me at a Chinese buffet (yeah, it’s okay to laugh at that!). Anyway, in this person said they didn’t need a resume to get the job they got. I’m proud of them for getting the job they got, but when you have to lick the boots of a food-service manager to get a low wage part time job even though your qualifications, experience, and IQ should land you something much better with a manager that begs you to work for them, why do you not see the problems there?

I pointed out (perhaps rudely so) that this individual had never applied for the types of jobs that would require a resume. This particular person hasn’t chosen to use the resources at their disposal to obtain higher education. This particular person, through their dedication to a specific career path over the past few years, has better opportunities for healthcare, education, and future career paths…but they do not seem to understand or appreciate what they’ve got, nor to see that me not having it isn’t for lack of trying.

I chose a different route, though. I got my high school diploma at the same time as my Business Office Technology certificate from Job Corps. Then I spent seven years chasing dreams and Voldemort down a rabbit hole…but I got my Associates and my Bachelors (and the Bachelors was a double major with a minor). Then I started graduate school and I’m a rat sneeze away from finishing my Masters. A person in my position should feel confident and assured of success…but I just filled out yet another online application to an international retail establishment (maybe a half-step up from food service, but really there’s no difference in how the proles are treated…).

I’ve been sending off writing samples and resumes and applications. I have some out right now. One poem I’m actually almost confident might potentially get published soon–possibly. I’ve been researching opportunities left and right…when I’m not spending eight days mopping up vomit and shit cause my kids decided to bring something home from daycare…when I’m not staying up til the sun rises trying to finish an annotated bibliography…when I’m not calculating in my head whether I can make it through December, praise be to Merle Haggard.

I realize that this transcript doesn’t exactly match the video; feel free to revise it for me. 🙂 I also realize that my video quality sucks big hairy smelly floppy donkey dicks–feel free to send me a better cam.

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