When You Get Rid Of The Pretension…

That’s great that they’ve managed to have such a productive garden. I’d love to start something similar, maybe indoors with pots so the desert climes don’t add to my poor gardening abilities. However, a healthy home garden won’t cover my kids’ doctor visits or cover any of the myriad of other things that are part of the problem.

Maybe if I were able to grow enough to sell at the local farmers market, maybe I could have a capitalist enterprise, eventually open a whole industrialized farm and hire workers of my own…or maybe the haves and the have-nots could work together, but then this isn’t a Utopia. But it is America, which we tout as being one of the greatest countries in the world.

Give us your poor, your tired, your hungry…just don’t expect us to care about or for them, right? I mean, we don’t even care about or for our own on a large enough scale to make a lasting difference…

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Here’s what the Raeses have grown this spring, summer, and fall: turnips, black beans, purple hull peas, cranberry beans, Flossy Powell beans, Delicata squash, zucchini, horseradish, onions, potatoes, kale, rhubarb, sweet potatoes, beets, broccoli, blueberries, umpteen kinds of tomatoes, and almost every herb you can name. (Note: This is an incomplete list.)
The Raeses also belong to a CSA (community supported agriculture) share from a local farm. What they can’t eat fresh, they freeze or can—Kat has an entire pantry filled with brightly colored mason jars. She pickles turnips and cans lentil soup and makes jam and even her own ketchup.
Raese said she got into canning because she couldn’t land a full-time job after finishing her Master’s in English at UT. Matt was (and is) still working on his Ph.D. in English, which meant their income was next to nothing—and Kat had nothing to do with her time. Once she discovered canning and then gardening, she says she found a way to channel her frustration at being underemployed into something productive.

Maybe someone should drop by the #Occupy protests and pass out copies of Square Foot Gardening.

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