Love Is Blind…Or Mentally Ill

A shallow man falls in love with a 300 pound woman because of her “inner beauty”.

In 2001, the romantic comedy “Shallow Hal” debuted. I didn’t see the movie until a few years later on DVD if my memory serves me correctly (but sometimes my memory is like a distracted waitress on half-price Tuesday). I loved the plot; I laughed, and I cried. Here are two actors I enjoy starring in the lead roles as an overweight woman with no self esteem who learns to eventually love herself and believe she can be loved and as a man who thinks society’s stringent standards of beauty are more important than the inner beauty of an individual–as a side note, why does the IMBD put quotes around inner beauty as if it were a fictitious thing?

One reason why this movie appealed to me should be obvious. I actually am an overweight woman with low self esteem. In my teens, I was nondiscriminatory. Then I met my husband…I told a friend recently that I was on a bad drug for eight years (thy name was six letters long and rhymed with slob hurt), but I am in recovery now. It’s entirely possible he feels the same way about me–I wouldn’t know; he doesn’t talk to me all that often anymore, even though we are STILL legally married.

I get irritated when he mentions wanting to send a gift to the girls and then doesn’t or promises Luna he’ll call and then doesn’t–he’s never quite grasped the concept that surprises are better than broken promises.
I still sometimes cry about our relationship, like today as I rearranged my bedroom and came across old photographs of us together old love letters from him to me, and my wedding ring–these things are still important and are still saved but it’s possible time will release their hold on me. For now, they’re tucked safely into a drawer.

I never know if the men who flirt with me are cursed like Hal to see a sexy Barbie when they’re looking at me, or if they’re just playing games to tease fatty, or if they just want a place to stick it, or if they’re genuine and sincere in their attraction to me. I do want any future beau to love me for me and not my 46DDs.
If you’re out there, Mr. Right, please don’t hesitate to drop into my life as a friend and stick around until I’m ready…

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