Happy Birthday Freya!

Freya turned ONE today! Her pediatrician celebrated the day by having her get the one year vaccinations. She was feeling sleepy and had a bit of the blahs after that; her daycare said she napped most of the day. I had to do the tutoring I do at a local college (I really wish I could share my experiences but I don’t know if there’s some kind of tutor/tutee confidentiality thing in effect here).

After I picked the girls up from school, we (and mom) went to Wal-Mart to get Freya’s allergy med scrip. The Wal-Mart pharmacy called me and said they won’t fill the scrip cause the doc prescribed something that isn’t recommended for children under three…that’s why he recommended a lesser-than-normal dosage…so eventually that’ll get sorted out and she’ll be on allergy meds, which I’m sure she’s thrilled about.

Actually, she takes meds better than Luna (who at this point tells me everything except her vitamins is yucky). The pics and vids attached to this entry are from the little party we had for her. Special thanks to her paternal grandma for all the gifts.

  Snapshot_20111011 Snapshot_20111011_1 Snapshot_20111011_2 Snapshot_20111011_3 Snapshot_20111011_4 Snapshot_20111011_5 Snapshot_20111011_6 Snapshot_20111011_7 Snapshot_20111011_8 Snapshot_20111011_9 Snapshot_20111011_10 Snapshot_20111011_11 Snapshot_20111011_12 Snapshot_20111011_13 Snapshot_20111011_14 Snapshot_20111011_15 Snapshot_20111011_16 Snapshot_20111011_17 Snapshot_20111011_18 Snapshot_20111011_19
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