So you waste time commenting on my blog?

October 5th, 2011 at 12:09 pmedit

So, you waste time writing about a hoax?

I received the attached comment on my WordPress bog. I do not know who “x” is (although, rest assured I have my theories). I find it excruciatingly hilarious that “x” wasted time commented on my blog to complain about what I chose to “waste” my time writing about on that particular day.

And then I wasted my time replying directly to “x” the day of the comment. And now I’m wasting my time posting this entry to all of my blogs about “x” and his notion of time-wasting because I like to try and post at least one entry a day if at all possible and I needed material for today’s post.

Do you think “x” will notice or care? If “x” is truly an anonymous interweb stranger, then he’ll never venture back to and all will be sunshine and daisies. If “x” is someone I know…he’s probably still stalking one or all of my blogs..

Either way, if you’re out there “x” be sure to put a little more thought into your scathing remarks.

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