If you aren’t already afraid of homophones, you should be. They’re the evil twins of language, popping up where their benign counterparts were meant to be. There (their, they’re) are the usual suspects—your, you’re; it’s, its—and there are the less public ones that can catch a perfectly good sentence unawares.

(I/Ai/Ay/Aye/Eye/i) found this post after Googling “homophonephobic” because (I/ai/ay/aye/eye/i) (have/halve) said jokingly before that (I/ai/ay/aye/eye/i) (am/AM/a.m.).

Word Crank’s assessment of (the/thee) issue between (led/lead) and (led/lead) (made/maid/mayde) (me/mea/mee/mi) (laugh/laff).

That is (one/won) of (my/mai/mei) frequent mistakes that (I/ai/ay/aye/eye/i) (want/wont/won’t) (to/tew/thuy/too/tu/tue/two) stab myself (in/in./inn) (the/thee) brain (for/faure/fore/forr/four).

(I/ai/ay/aye/eye/i) encourage (you/ewe/hugh/u/u./uwe/yew/yoo/yu/yue) (to/tew/thuy/too/tu/tue/two) (check/chek/Czech) out (the/thee) (whole/hoel/hoell/hoelle/hohl/hole) post (on/aune) Word Crank.

This is (going/go in) (to/tew/thuy/too/tu/tue/two) (be/b/b./bea/bee) (a/a./ae/ay) (short/shortt) post because (I/ai/ay/aye/eye/i) (am/AM/a.m.) (sure/schor/schorr/schuur/shor/shore/shorr/shure) that (you/ewe/hugh/u/u./uwe/yew/yoo/yu/yue) (too/tew/thuy/to/tu/tue/two) (now/gnau/nau/neault/no/noe/noh) (want/wont/won’t) (to/tew/thuy/too/tu/tue/two) stab (me/mea/mee/mi) (in/in./inn) (the/thee) brain.

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