Quick Pointless Post


I have an assload of homework to do and no time to sleep. I took a brain brake to bullshit on my social networking sites a little bit ago and snipped this photo of the current number of Twitter lists my profile appears on–666.

I’m that awesomely evil you know.

Or, it’s just a random number and anyone who deliberately purchases an extra pack of gum just to make the total or the expected change be a number different than those three digits is a total moron who should be banished to a deserted island and provided with monthly care-packages consisting entirely of raw liver and used tube socks.

I don’t have time to contemplate these things. I’ve got things to read and things to write and things to forget to remember or remember to forget or not forget to remember…okay…it is 1.08a here in the desert and my brain’s fuzzy.

I’m not sure exactly how to go about sharpening my mental acuity at this hour, but I cannot give in to slumbering at this point. I’ve created and printed a “To Do” list of all of the homework assignments and personal responsibilities I need to take care of in the next week; it’s entirely possible that I was a mite bit overzealous in my creation of said list, considering its 6-page length.

We shall see…At least I remembered to put less items on the weekend slots since some members of mi familia will be gracing my extremely humble home with their presences and a friend told me tonight that they’ll be breezing through this part of the country in the near future so I’ve got that to look forward to as well.

I really need a weekly planner–my smart phone has a built in electronic one, but it’s not smart enough to fill in the time slot when I think about things I need to do. Nor does it memorize appointments I’ve scheduled and then hastily handwritten on a random scrap of paper in the bottom of my Bombeckian purse.

If you have any questions or comments or heckles or spells to cast upon me, feel free to post such things in the comments section of my blog entries. Or train a vole to hand-deliver a tiny calligraphic scroll–whichever you prefer.

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