I Wanna Be Made

CBP Officer candidates are required to take and pass two Pre-employment Fitness Tests prior to entry on duty.

via cbp.gov

MTV runs a show called “Made” where people in their teens or early twenties wine that they want to be able to do something they can’t do, so some expert in the field pushes them to their limits; they cry a lot and fight with their parents and hate their best friends…eventually they’re “made” into the goal thing and they all live happily ever afterish.

Okay, so, I’ve no desire to go on that show (and I’m really past the age limit) but I though, what if I work on something like that on my own?

What do I want to be/have?

–physically and emotionally healthy

–a PhD


–college professor

–writer ($$$$$$)

How do I get there?

Physical and emotional health can be arrived at by systematically changing what I can and learning to love or at least cope with what I can’t change. Small steps include changing hairstyles (I’m now a short-haired red-head), getting manipedis (Luna and I did that today as a mommy/daughter day), dressing for success, etc.

Large steps are things like dealing with my weight.

The thing quoted above is from the Border Patrol’s website. The test to qualify involves pushups, situps, and a step test. I know I can’t do any of those things easily in general, let alone during the time frame they allot.
How long would it take me to train myself to be able to do those things? No, I don’t aspire to work for the CBP.

Yes, I do want to be physically fit enough to be able to pass their exam. It’s like having enough money in the bank so you COULD make a spontaneous trip to Cabo San Lucas but not actually going because there are better things to spend the money on.

Who wants to help me get “made” into someone who could pass the CBP exam?

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