Meme’s and Monogamy

Where I’m From

There’s apparently a meme I didn’t know about (okay…so…I don’t really know about most memes… #outoftheloop ). After reading another blog which linked to the explanation of the meme, I was reminded of the poem I wrote in a college writing course entitled My Life In Twelve Stanzas (it’s buried in the entry I’ve hyperlinked the title to). I really enjoyed SisterMerryHellish‘s version thereof. This meme is like a nostalgic Mad Lib, but I was curious to try my Carpal Tunnel riddled hands at it nonetheless.

Where Ash LeYan is from (just trying out a potential alias :P)

I am from two inch thick cutting boards on your ass if you misbehaved, from iced cold Dr. Pepper and lost games of Nintendo Duck Hunt.
I am from the ramshackle rental houses, peeling lead paint, and floorboards that tattled on the adventurous.
I am from the pain of Sweetgums on bare feet, magnolias tucked behind ears, red clay staining your jeans, the absent-minded collecting of pine cones, bluebonnets painting the roadsides, crystal clear aquifer water.
I am from “Yes, sir; Yes, m’am” and rolling with the punches, from little miss Susie home-and-career-maker and taking detours through the Allee way and there’s no business like Snow business.
I am from the mortifying memories everyone else thinks are funny and getting stranded on the sides of roads.
From “you’ll understand it better when you have children of your own” and “lack of prior planning on your part doesn’t constitute an emergency on mine.”
I am from putting it in the hands of the Creator. Sunday brunch and Wednesday supper.
I’m from Dallas and Alès, Green Stuff and Goulash.
From the “walk” between Carthage and Henderson in the middle of the night, the one who called in the middle of sentences, and the one I called Ditsy who wasn’t.
I am from framed portraits of deceased and divorced on walls in less and less often visited homes, dollies behind glass cases, spiral bound genealogical records and all the coffee rings and chipped porcelain and gathering dust before the Salvation Army comes to pick it all up.

doctor visit

Luna and Freya had their first doctor visits (yay for insurance) and did really well. Luna’s got another cardiologist she’ll see on the 8th of September.

they should really pay me to endorse this shit! well…what I mean to say is, I tried some new stuff cause of coupons:

I limon pepino Gatorade after getting a store coupon for it; it really smells strong of cucumber, but it’s an interesting flavor.

Snack Well’s Devil’s food cake cookies are good, but don’t listen to the serving size–you cannot eat just one (had a store coupon paired with a manufacture coupon).

Skinny Cow candies don’t make me feel like they’re healthier than other candies (these were first purchased individually with manufacture coupons and then as boxes full with store coupons); they probably aren’t if you inhale them and eat more than one package at a time…


I have several friends who are going through separation/divorce right now. Some are choosing to remain celibate. Some have already moved on to new sexual partners. Some enjoy nightly dates with Palmela Handerson. I feel like it would be wrong of me to date. For one, I don’t want to introduce someone new to my girlies, so young, impressionable, trusting, and in love with everyone they meet.

For two, my heart is still on the man who rejected me…eight years isn’t easy to shake. For three, the guys I’ve met since discovering my marriage was falling apart aren’t exactly Ivy League, and while I’m certainly currently trailer trash for all points and purposes, I’m in pursuit of higher education–upwardly mobile. I don’t need a carbon copy of the one who is doing me wrong. If I date at all, the man needs to be a notch above, a rung above, a story above the man I’m still legally bound to.

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