A New Day Rising

Sleep is not the only thing that can rejuvenate a person…

I’ve had a rough week. In rare form, I’m not going to fill you in on the details. Some of you already know. Others of you will speculate. Most of you won’t give a shit because you read this blog out of boredom or procrastination or for someone something to laugh at.
Anyway, there have been some good moments that I will share.
On Tuesday, I had a job interview. I guess it went okay. It was for a pharmaceutical technician at a Wal-Mart because you know that’s always been my dream and everything. On the way up there, I cycled between bawling my eyes out and angrily singing along with the radio at full blast. I left the windows rolled up most of the way there and back. The car’s HVAC is broken, so it was a mobile sweat lodge (and, yes, if you’re reading this and are descendants of pre-colonial indigenous peoples, I am aware that I am not aware of all that goes into a sweat lodge). After the interview, I stopped off at my campus to get my books but had to preorder them instead. There’s a hill along that route that is mowed up like you’d normally see for telephone poles and power lines, but the only thing in the area is a giant white cross. I don’t remember what song was playing but I was belting out the words louder than the recording artist when approached this landmark. Even though I no longer embrace the religion of my youth, there’s still some part of me that find some comfort in this talisman, this icon, this method of execution turned idol. It’s a part of many good memories, like pineapple upside down cake and butterflies and tinsel.

Freya made me smile this week (and every other week, but more so this time) because she’s no longer wearing newborn/0-3 mos. sized clothing.

Luna made me happy by randomly telling me at different times that she loved me, that I was the best mommy ever, etc.
As for husband, it’s amazing how much energy one can gain from a good fuck. I’m talking the kind of sex that has your toes curling up into themselves like stubby little snakes, the kind of banging that has you shaking worse than a 1lb Chihuahua in the snow, the kind of love-making that has you shouting out syllables more incomprehensible than a Pentecostal at a tent revival. I was seeing stars. I am smart enough and mature enough to realize that this activity neither masks nor cures other issues or ailments, but it sure is an awesome stress reliever. Yet, while I find myself even more energized after reaching a rare vaginal orgasm without external stimulation, our coupling has a different affect on the love of my life. At this very moment he’s snoring peacefully in our bedroom.

Early morning…
Since I couldn’t possibly sleep after rocking and rolling with my beloved, I spontaneously decided to clean the toilet in the master bathroom—not one of my favorite chores—but I could not find the toilet brush anywhere. Assuring myself that I’d hunt down a coupon for one of those disposable brush kits, I left the toilet soaking in bowl cleanser and hoped that would help. I washed all of the dirty dishes (less than a sink full) and rotated the laundry. Now Luna’s wide awake watching cartoons in her room—she had an “aye-pree-kot” for breakfast. I know that’s not enough, but she hasn’t requested anything else. I’m pretty sure she’s still tired. Freya’s in her Pack’N’Play snoring away. They both look so much like their daddy.

And the day goes on…
Today, I plan to run errands all morning, then meet a friend in the afternoon and take her and her daughter to a nearby airport for a vacation trip. I won’t be vacationing or going on a trip, but I love hanging out with her and I rarely get a chance to help her out with things even though she’s helped me out more times than I can count. I hate feeling like maybe I’ve not done enough in return.

Anything else you would like to address, milady?
I’m really interested in working with sale ads and coupons to reign in my family’s budget—not to the point of Extreme Couponing necessarily. I don’t see anything wrong with what they’re doing, at least not with the ones who are just savvy enough to use the system to their advantage. Some of the families featured might be more obsessed than practical, but I really cannot and should not judge them. I do not know for sure that they won’t be able to find a use for 1000 tubes of toothpaste.
I just want to have a small but functional stockpile of the things we use regularly or of the things we would use more regularly if they didn’t cost so darn much retail.
Husband keeps saying that Extreme Couponing is going to change all of the stores’ policies and it might be true—forums are abuzz with people complaining or praising policy changes such as “Limit 1 per customer” in stores like Walgreens where stock is limited.
I’m on the fence about things people are discussing.
Shelf clearing is considered rude because you’re not leaving enough for the next shopper and persons really needing more than what is usually available are encouraged to order ahead of time, but stores are able to anticipate sales—it’s why Wal-Mart puts things on features, stack bases, and end caps. When I see a shelf devoid of a product I want I just don’t get that product. If a store does not offer rain checks (where you get a slip saying you can come back for the deal the following week), I go without. But I’m neither experienced nor Extreme.
Stockpiling is being compared to hoarding. I can see the connection, but I do think it’s a different thing most of the time. No, one person may never need 300 toothbrushes, but at least any guest that arrives will have a new toothbrush if they’ve forgotten theirs at home (and I’m usually that type of guest, lol).

Well, I’m off to see the whizzer…
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