What Has Going On Been

Title say what?

Before you go all red ink on me, the title is not an error, at least not now. Years ago, when poetry flowed out of me like urine from a drunken sailor, the title of this post was scrawled on the top of one of my poetry pages. I’m pretty sure I’d meant to entitle the poem What has been going on… or something to that effect, as the rest of the poem contained the repeating line “what has been going on lately” with various transitions.

It was a response to a prompt from a therapist. Undoubtedly, the first printed version (on which the confusing title remained) is still in a manila folder in a box somewhere, to be found by some sneaky PI if I ever get the notion to run for political office–because it’s not like there’s anywhere else to find incriminating background information on a girl who wears her heart out on her proverbial sleeve and lives her life as such an open book that she blogs about 90% of it…

So what has going on been…?

Power was out for a couple of days; came back on Thursday afternoon. In the darkness, I managed to do a bit of noneducational reading and one poem was written, but not much else.

I’ve considered sharing the poem here, but thought better of it. I’ve noticed in my virtual travels that many publications prefer previously unpublished work, and many are now counting blogging and social networking as publishing. The way to avoid this, I suppose, would be to simply create that poetry anthology I’ve longed to publish and self-publish it.

What are the reasons I should or should not do that? Do people read anthologies anymore? More specifically, do people read poetry anthologies from nobodies? The book I’m currently in process of publishing is an anthology of essays from me–a nobody–but I figured they might have a broader appeal. Although, thinking on it at nearly four in the morning I’m unsure why that would be.

What are your plans…?

Now that power’s been restored, I’ve plans for some serious housekeeping, followed by some potential moneymaking endeavors, and diving right back into the writing-as-career world. I look forward to blogging updates in the future. I do still want to put out at least one entry a day, for practice if nothing else.

Moneymaking endeavors sounds euphemistic…

As per the moneymaking endeavors, I’m trying to decide (once my home is cleaned and organized, of course) which venue would be best for the selling of junk. Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, and Facebook all have appeal as virtual multi-participant garage sales, but they all have their pros and cons.

A real garage/yard/rummage sale is also appealing, especially the potential of a more immediate return, and has a minor inconvenience of the $5/weekend application fee, but am I up to the hassles of organizing such an event and wrangling my children while attempting it? I do love counting cold hard cash. There’s also consignment shops, where all of the work is done by someone else and I get whatever percentage they deem fair.

I would definitely need to get my proverbial shit together before any of the above were to occur.

So shouldn’t you be in bed already…?

Why, yes, yes I should…thanks for the reminder imaginary interviewer. I shall reward you with…well…I haven’t got anything to reward you with. Will you be satisfied with the notion that you’ve helped a disorganized klutzy airhead get her thoughts together.


What about pie?

Pie’s good. Who doesn’t love pie…?

I can’t think of anyone.

Neither can I.

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