Keep on trucking (and things that rhyme with that…)

Luna’s 14th Birthday Party

My firstborn baby turned four on Saturday. I couldn’t afford to do much in celebration seeing as how I spent $1000 renovating her bedroom a couple of months ago, but she’s still not at a point in her development to understand the implications of that. If I had skipped her birthday altogether, maybe she’d never now, but I would, and I’d feel bad.

So, I decided to purchase a cake and some inexpensive gifts for her. Below is the cake I decorated for her. I got a plain pre-iced cake and added things she picked out, but she wasn’t there to dictate the design. I wanted something to be a surprise for her. She was excited to see the finished product.


First, she blew out her candles before anyone could take a picture, so my husband relit them. Then, when she blew out her candles the second time, she only got two, and they were on a diagonal from each other!


The snakes and sunglasses were not edible but everything else was.

The only person that was able to attend other than me and my husband and Freya was a friend I met at WIC a couple of months ago. She brought her 4mos daughter. Luna didn’t seem to notice a lack of guests. She’s never met a stranger in her life and loves to talk and have fun. I still need to clean the house again.

Luna’s Name

If one more person tells me they read my older daughter’s name in a Harry Potter novel, I swear I’m going to scream at them; they won’t know what happened! I only skimmed the first book in the series and I’ve seen bits of the movies on cable, but I don’t remember a character named Luna.

Maybe she’s there, maybe she isn’t. I really don’t care. I didn’t name my child after a character in a book series. If I had, I wouldn’t be ashamed of it, but I didn’t so it’s annoying to assume that, people!



I love Ranch-Style beans, but I haven’t had them in a while. I used to hate beans when I was a kid, less because of the flavor than because of the smell-the-poo-funk chorus my colon would sing after a lentil-heavy meal. That still happens, but my husband doesn’t seem to give a shit so I don’t either.


I had a discussion with my husband this morning about our house layout. I was asking because I wanted to say, “…in their four-bedroom ranch…” in reference to our home for a bio I was writing for myself because, as it turns out, writers and comics do their own third person bios. Anyway, he tells me it’s not a ranch-style house. I figured it was, so I asked the ladies on Café Mom, using this handy poorly drawn diagram:


The general consensus of the few who answered before I got off of there to work on writing was that, yes, it is a ranch-style home. Score one for me in the petty arguments that aren’t necessary to win department.


Is there such a thing as ranch-style sex? Is that the same as cowgirl and reverse cowgirl? I recently was discussing positions with a friend (and I’m not sure how that came up in conversation) and she had never heard of reverse cowgirl and apparently also never done it. She later told me she tried it and enjoyed it. While my own sex life fluctuates between too-hot-for-TV and puppets-are-doing-it-rowdier, here’s someone who’s improving the dynamic of theirs.


Once my husband had gone off to the shop to work on renovating a back room they’re lending to a local Yu-Gi-Oh! group, I got caught up navigating the internet as per my usual lame routine. However, today I became quite excited. See, the other day a friend “liked” a specific magazine’s page, so I did too and bookmarked their non-facebook website as well. I’d been wanting to look for a place to submit some of the short stories I’ve written, including the ones that my former creative writing professor wasn’t too fond of.

I revisited those stories today and sent two of them to the page I’d bookmarked. I went back to that magazine’s facebook page, and noticed that it “liked” some other literary pages. One like led to another, and before I knew it I had about twenty tabs open to submission guidelines pages for various state, national, and international publications. Some I merely bookmarked for later review because they said they do not accept online submissions, but many I found something to send to.

I kept track of which poems and stories went where so there were no duplicates, but I lost track of exactly how many were sent out altogether. Plus, I already had four poems still in review at another publication.

So, currently, a whole bunch of my poems and several stories are in limbo.

Will I get published? Will I get rejected? Will I have to wait three months to find out?

I really want to build up my resume and, subsequently, my curriculum vitae. When I mentioned this to my mother, she thought I’d said In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.
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2 thoughts on “Keep on trucking (and things that rhyme with that…)

  1. That looks like it was a good cake, and I’m glad your daughter enjoyed her birthday! :)I’m keeping my fingers crossed for your success, and congrats on getting the comments section fixed. As for the long slow grind toward publication… It’s gotta happen. If you can visualize it, it will happen. Here’s a toast for your success! *raises wineglass*

  2. I’ve got some Post Family Winery Blush Niagra in the fridge… :PThanks for your continued support.The cake was delicious. It’s already gone. 😛

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