Doing The Math

Would it be bad to apply for a job where the minimum salary they’d pay would be $30,000, knowing that in order to work there I’d have to drive a giant triangle daily that would eat up gasoline 2-3 tanks a day?

I’d be spending $1400/mo on transportation costs! Plus the $1500/mo in mortgage and utilities at home. $300/mo grocery/supply budget would jump to $700 when WIC and food stamps determined us no longer eligible.

$600/mo is my most conservative estimate for childcare costs, which is assuming that Robet would be willing to watch the girls for part of each day. That’s like $3800 or more each month! $45,600/year!

Okay, I guess it would be bad to apply for that job. Thanks for reading this word problem. I guess I was typing to myself, lol.

Maybe I’m over-estimating everything? Maybe husband would watch the girls all the time, eliminating the need for childcare?

Maybe we could find ways to whittle down our grocery and utility budgets? Should I apply for all possible jobs and then worry about how to pay for the cost of working?

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2 thoughts on “Doing The Math

  1. I don’t think making an over-estimated budget is bad at all. In fact, I think you should write it all down and make sure it is realistic and make a salary offer when you apply for the job. You’re qualified and you have bills to pay!

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