My Big Little Girl

Luna is growing up too fast. I know…all mothers say that. But she is. She can use the potty like a pro (when she’s in the mood to), can dress herself, and talks up a proverbial storm.

Today, the husband left for work at his business while I was showering and the girls were sleeping. Luna came wandering into the master bathroom as I was toweling off my girly parts, so I switched to drying my toes instead.

I got dressed by asking her to pick out my clothes because she likes doing that. She got me some big girl panties (which has a double meaning on my ass), a lone sleeb shirt, yucky pants (they were worn the day before), and a yerbrall for boobies.

She also picked out Freya’s one see, pants, and flip flops (cause that’s what you call velvet booties, right?) As well as picking out her own pull dup, lone sleeb shirt, pants, socks, hat, and shoes (although, I made her pick different shoes because the buckled dress shoes were too small).

The pic is her drinking Orange Ramune and eating Chocolate Yan Yan in the office of Daddy Store (because why would it have any other name like, say, the one on the signs, uniforms, and store-branded merchandise?).

I love my Luna and am enjoying watching her grow up. First thing Monday morning (assuming I find the documents in my office) I’m filling out the enrollment packet so that sometime in August she’ll attend her first year of preschool.

I’m tearing up while writing this and blurring the letters on my Samsung Intercept’s slide out keyboard.

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