Comics And Cthulhu

Alien Gospel

So it turns out that the entire movie is a subtle apologetic in favor of the “alien gospel”.

I came across the blog entry this is excerpted from while Googling, “what is the name of that movie where the world catches on fire and aliens come and take the kids away to another planet?” You have to read the full post to understand this excerpt and its context. I’ll let you readers do that in your own time and come to your own conclusions about the rest of what the writer said. The analysis of the movie is pretty good in terms of literary analysis from their point of view, and as a writer and a scholar I can appreciate their ability to compose a decent literary analysis even if my point of view is differing.

You may be wondering what possessed me to Google that phrase in the first place. Allow me to take you along the random neuron firing path that my mind took:

I was watching CNN earlier in the day, and it was airing a “special” about the events in Japan, and it said “A Sleeping Giant Awakes.” which reminded me of this shitty movie called “Monster” where an earthquake in Japan was really a giant tentacle monster destroying Tokyo but the government covered it up. The movie is a fakeumentary (as opposed to a mockumentary which is satire of a documentary for purposes of proving a point) that makes “Blair Witch” look good.

Anyway, thinking about “Monster” reminded me of Cthulhu (correct me if I’ve spelled that incorrectly) and Cthulhu reminds me of The Bloop (Google that).

It’s a weird sound in the ocean off the west coast of South America.
Cthulhu is H. P. Lovecraft’s fictitious monster, but H. P. Lovecraft’s other scifi stuff came true, and his monster was off the east coast of South America, pretty much parallel, and the Bermuda Triangle is north of Cthulhu, so then I’m all thinking about giant creepy tentacle monsters roaming the ocean floor, which has some basis in fact, considering giant squid and giant octopus.

There was an earthquake in Little Rock a month or two ago, nothing near the size of Japan’s of course. Oh, I found out the Edwards Aquifer in Texas–The Balcones fault line–had its own quake and shift at the same time as Japan’s (small scale, aftershock maybe?).

Okay, so after discussing all of this random brain bubbling with a friend, she said, “Mother Nature’s just prepping us for 2012,” which, knowing her, was 90% cynicism and 10% just shitting me.

But I decided to steer the conversation by thinking, let’s pretend that any one of the crazy end-of-the-world scenarios people of have conceived of is coming true in 2012 and that the world is totally going to end next year: we’re all going to die, and we went through the pain of childbearing and parenting babies and toddlers for nothing!–unless those weird space aliens from that one movie show up and take our kids to a new planet in some creepy parallel to the garden of Eden story.

That’s when I had to Google the plot of the movie so I could remember the title and talk to her about it. That’s when I came across the blog entry I’ve excerpted from above.

All of this, when I should be using my Spring Break 2011 as an opportunity to catch up on housework and schoolwork. It’s a good thing my mother is in town renovating Luna’s bedroom and mothering me this week. 🙂

Actually, her visit is going pretty well. We’ve spent family time together, and they’ve done a lot of work in her bedroom. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product. I do plan to post the before pictures, a few in-progress pictures, and some after pictures at some point.

I wish that Luna would fall asleep so I could sleep some get…



On a lighter note, here is a Dilbert comic an uncle of mine shared on Facebook.

View the full blog at and like the blog on Facebook.

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