On the anniversary of my daddy’s death

On the anniversary of my daddy’s death
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A year ago today, my stepfather passed away. He was my daddy by choice though not by genetics. He took in his brother’s three children and raised us up. Our relationship was turbulent, but I do have many fond memories of him. He took me to get my first tattoo. I miss him. I still have dreams where I’m talking to him.

Maybe I really am talking to him. My mom said he believed in heaven when he died, so maybe he’s there. Everyone’s concept of the afterlife is real for them. I believe in reincarnation, so maybe I could meet him again someday.

Car Accident

I’m okay, the car’s okay, and thankfully the girls were at home with my mother, but a 19yo girl pulled out in front of me on Zero St earlier. I hit the brakes but it was too late.

She was listening to her mp3. She freaked that I called the cops. She’s an El Salvadorian inmigrante with no valid US ID of any kind. She said that she’s been here 9 years.

Her brother showed up. They didn’t know I understand a bit of español. They were talking about why did I contact la policia when we could have just settled up without that.

She told the cop I MUST have been driving muy rápido, that she’d looked and not seen me, and that the 18 wheeler in the derecha lane had stopped to let her pass. Her hermano told her to tell the cop she was here for escuela.

Her car’s left front wheel was flipped inward so her brother said he would get his jefe to let him borrow a tow truck.  I’m still shaking a bit.

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