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Country singer Jewel is “doing fine” after she got into a two-car collision on Friday, her rep confirms to TVGuide.com. 

“Jewel was hit by a fire truck this morning in Texas,” the rep said in a statement. “The singer was taken to the hospital and current medical tests conducted indicate that she and the baby are doing fine.” 

Jewel and Ty Murray are expecting a baby boy 

Jewel and husband Ty Murray announced in January that they were expecting a baby boy. The 36-year-old singer wed rodeo star Murray, 41, in the Bahamas in 2008, and the couple has been trying to have a baby for two years.

Country singer? But I’m glad that she and her baby are doing okay. I hate hearing about injuries to children and pregnant women. I mean, it sucks when anyone is hurt, but for some reason it just makes me more worried/depressed when little ones are involved. I still can’t watch that 18-Wheeler scene of “Pet Cemetery.”

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  1. @celebspears.comAm I correctly interpreting your grammatically incorrect sentence to mean that you appreciate my commentary on the article that I have quoted and that you are not in fact a spammer? If so, thanks. 🙂

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